Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pup is showing his age.....

Many of you know who Pup is, but for those who do not know can visit here to learn more about the ever important Pup.

About a year ago, when we realized Pup was not just a passing phase and knowing that we would be in some HUGE trouble if he ever got left behind, I searched the internet and was able to find a place that sold Pup...and I bought 2 extra. Well, I put them up in my closet, well hidden, when they arrived.....just in case the "real" Pup was ever lost or destroyed. What I should have done was start rotating them....but the thought never occurred to me until I recently read that this is what another smart Mommy did!

When we were packing to go on vacation....we were packing late in the evening and to leave early the next morning. Dave wanted to pack Pup, but Ella could not part with him when she went to sleep. So, Dave decides to pack him once Ella had fallen asleep. He had the idea of taking one of the other pups(never unpacked) from my closet and putting it in Ella's arms for when she woke in the morning. First he pulls it out of the package and has this puzzled look on his face. "THIS is what Pup used to look like??" lol! Yes, that is how he used to look! So, he does the switch and we wait to see what her reaction would be when she awoke. Oh, talk about heartbreaking! She wakes with the impostor pup in her arms. After a few minutes, she holds it out at arms length and starts feeling it. She gets this lost look on her face and asks in the saddest most serious voice I have ever heard from her, "What HAPPENED?" So, we try telling her Pup got a bath which she so wisely informed us that "Pup can not walk". Silly us! She told me that Pup's fur does not feel this way. (soft and clean!)She just kept staring at it and repeatedly asking me what happened...then the tears started to fill her eyes. We finally had to tell her the real Pup was packed and ready to go, and this was Pup's brother who was filling in for him. Oh, did she breathe a sigh of relief to hear this news! Poor thing!!!
So, back to stinky, not so soft, Pup we are. I do throw him through the wash often, but he is really getting to the point that I do not know how many more washings he will hold up to. Poor little guy! You know, it's funny....I had thought a few times over the past year of switching him out with a new one overnight, but I felt almost like it would be a betrayal to the "real" pup and so I did not! ha! I guess after
2 1/2 years of having Pup with us for everything.....maybe I am also attached to the stinky little guy. : ) Honestly, I have to keep an eye on him wherever we are just like an extra kid to ensure he does not get misplaced or forgotten.


My two little ones are quite funny these days. I find when they have their own little discussions with one another....they are hilarious! They are not trying to be funny, in fact many of their conversations are centered around things that are quite serious to them....but oh, how they make me laugh sometimes! I will share this moment with you.

Last night we were taking our walk. I was pushing the girls in the double stroller with Daisy right along side of us on a leash. Why the pounds are not melting off of me with that daily workout is beyond me! Anyway, we pass by a lady who has dropped something. I tell her this as we pass her. She picks up the item and then is close behind us as we are going on our way.

Sophie: "Ella, why is Mommy talking to that man?" (Mom trying to speed up now!)

Ella: "Sophie, that is not a man"! (Mom thinks, whew!)

Sophie: "Ella, that looks like a man".

Ella: "Sophie, that is NOT a man. It is an OLD lady". (Mom speeding up again)

I am trying to quietly tell Ella(the lady...who is not THAT old... is close behind us) that we can just call her a lady and do not need to say she is an old lady, in which she replies.....

"But Mommy, she is a VERY OLD lady....look at her. She is OLD"!!! Oh, my!

Have a wonderful Labor Day week-end and enjoy the time with your families!!!!




a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, dear. Poor Pup!!!! He does look quite pitiful. (You know, we've been almost caught a few times, but we blow right past us. I'm not quite sure if the Tongginator totally believes us or not -- oh, the sense of betrayal she will feel!)

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

That Ella is a smart one!! Oh from the mouths of babes... Love the orange dresses! Have a great day!

Lori and Pete said...

What wonderful sweet charming endearing stories! Great thing you wrote them down. I love the pup story.

My girls have a different favorite stuffed animal every week. This week Chloe has to sleep with her fish, unicorn and stuffed bunny. I have no idea where my husband found a stuffed fish, but he sure is soft (the fish, not my husband).

Lori W

Jeff and Amy said...

Michelle, crying for sweet Ella, poor little thing. My youngest boy loved stuffed animals but changed favorites as he grew. Once when we were in Florida he left his ET doll in Pizza Hut, we had to turn around and go back and hour to get him. Ok, that story is funny with the girls and your walk, I would have lost it. LOL Have a great Labor Day Weekend:)

Jeff and Amy said...

Michelle, crying for sweet Ella, poor little thing. My youngest boy loved stuffed animals but changed favorites as he grew. Once when we were in Florida he left his ET doll in Pizza Hut, we had to turn around and go back and hour to get him. Ok, that story is funny with the girls and your walk, I would have lost it. LOL Have a great Labor Day Weekend:)

Beverly said...

LOL!! Cute pics of taking turns.

Sheri said...

These are both great stories! I'm still laughing about the old lady and how true the 'ole "out of the mouths of babes" statement really is. :) Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

I went back and read the older story about Pup. What a sad story, but one that shows just how sweet Ella is. Poor thing, thinking she had left her "child" in a burning building. How can a stuffed animal have me in tears?

I love the pics of your beautiful girls in their matching dresses. How funny that you thought you were off the hook with Ella's comment, but it only kept getting worse. :-) LOL

Walker said...

Oh.. poor pup! I know what you mean.. lucky you that you found a replacement.. well..sort of! LOL!

The girls are Precious & so smart.. Don't get mad at them momma! They Spoke the truth! LOL!
Loving it!

Sherri said...

You crack me up!

We have had to turn around an hour after leaving a hotel to get Hannah's blanket. She also had a stuffed parrot named Uga that went with us everywhere. We even bought him a three cornered hat in Williamsburg. I know exactly what you are talking about when you say it's like having an extra child.

I love the new pictures!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh I enjoyed this story. When your hubby couldn't believe what Pup used to look like I really laughed out loud! Again when you didn't want to "betray" the "real" Pup! Too FUNNY!! My oldest daughter had a doll like that. I wasn't allowed to pick her up by her head, neck or legs. You are a good Mommy to go to so much trouble to take care of Pup.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Thanks for the great info if Izzy gets attached to something.. I will be switching it out...
Love the pictures of the girls..
They are sooo pretty.. love the matching outfits..
Have a Great Weekend..
Hope you have some of the days off.. I am off till Wed..

Kristin said...

My girls change out their favorite blankets and sleep friends almost daily now. BUT, it used to be that only a specific blanket or friend would work. When they, well primarily AG, are really tired, only the original friends are the comfort item. It was the same thing with the big kids.

I remember a trip when I had to have my husband (who was traveling separately) go home from work before leaving town to pick up Alex's blanket and friend that we had left behind (we forgot his entire backpack of stuff). I didn't think that boy would ever go to sleep until daddy arrived at the hotel many hours later!!

I hope you have a great long weeeknd!!!

Lisa said...

I love the pictures of the girls. Don't children just have that natural knack of embaressing you. You gotta love em'.
Have a great weekend.

my3 kids said...

Oh my sorry about the Pup switch not working out but I sure hope you never loose your cute pup Ella. About your walk, that is hilarious...Kids say the darndest things at times...ha ha ha I think you handled it pretty well. Too cute. Hey Kira had her heart testing and all checked out great...yippeeeeee we are so happy:) Happy long weekend!

Steffie B. said...

too funny.....we also have Pups at our house. With Sophia, it has to be a silk blanket....however, she has several different ones so thankfully she is not just attached to one. Daniel has hand knit blankets. They are all green and white.....thankfully he too, doesn't require the same one...although he does only like this kind. I had to have them made. Go figure! lol

Love the conversation between the girls....too cute....and I often ask myself why the ponds aren't melting off me as well....if I'm not chasing, I'm stressing....doesn't that count for at least....oh....10 pounds at least?!?!?!? lol

have a wonderful holiday weekend with your beauitful, funny family! ;)


The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh my...sweet pup! I think I better start rotating "cat" or we're going to be in the same boat!!

Love the pics of the girls in their orange dresses! Beautiful!!

Happy Labor Day!

Denise C said...

OH how cute, Michelle!!! I just love this post! We have a very similar "kitty" here...that Chelsi always carried with her...and oh my is it pretty worn out.....but it now sits on the top shelf of her closet along with her baby books and other very special items from that time as a baby girl....and I treasure that dirty little kitty! hee-hee!
I am laughing out loud at your girls commenting on the VERY OLD lady that Mommy was talking too!!! Too funny!
Love you sweet friend!!!
*p.s. we are leaving for the beach in a few days....I'll let you know how it goes with our new camera...I hope I get some good pics like you and Steffie did!!!

Mr.Brian said...

Poor pup one looks a little worn out.I can see where your daughter was not fooled with pup 2 as a replacement pup.
Just be happy pup has several siblings to fill in.
Love that story.
just like the old folks in the nursing home,it does not always work to try to fool kids either.LOLOLOL!!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Look at those precious smiles. It just brightens my whole day to see our little "Sopie" smiling so big!

We have the same issue with Lottie's blankie. She actually named it "stink" and that it is...a very stinky blankie!

JShannon said...

She didn't fall for the bath routine? Awe...poor Ella, it sounds as if she were really heart broken. Poor baby. Malia doesnt have a special toy yet. She does kling to Elmo but any of the 6 we have will do for her. I remember when my youngest son was about 5 yrs old and said something really rude about a rather large lady that was in front of us in line at a store register. I just wanted to melt into the floor.

Michelle said...

How funny! I hope the lady didn't hear anything!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

OH MY #6 said...

Little Ella is pretty darn clever! Awesome pictures!

Enjoy your weekend.


mommy24treasures said...

oh I love the Sophie Ella story. That is so funny. I love that Sophie interacts with Ella. Hope you have a wonderful Monday,

missy said...

Hi Michelle!

I love the pup story so much! You see, I grew up with a blankie (all the way to when I was 10, pitiful, I know : )

My parents tried to switch it out and give me new replacements, but it is NEVER the same : )

I love old pup!

Your girls conversation is SO funny!

Tiffany said...

The girls look so adorable in their dresses!

Oh my I am laughing my head off at that conversation!

Poor Pup... we have a Hello Kitty that use to be white and we should have switched her out off and on but never thought of it... now she is a tan color. AHHHHHH

sara said...

out of the mouths of babes!!

pup is adorable!! I think the more loved they look, the better!

GGAdventures said...

That was the saddest/funniest story about pup. Clever Ella! Can't fool her. Love the pics of the girls riding their bike together. They look so happy!! Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day.

Kowalczyk said...

As a 35 yr old who still has a monkey on her bed and takes him everywhere I go,IE trips, not to teh mall anymore, I can relate to the pup! And to Ella, everyone must look really old to her 3 years! Love ya, nancy

Jewels of My Heart said...

I just don't even know where to start! Poor Pup! He is priceless and obviously one of a kind!
The girls on the trycycle is too cute for words...
and the conversation is hysterical! How embarrassing but makes for great blogging. hehee

AZMom said...

Oh dear! Poor Pup! Yes, he does look quite a bit different than the new pup. I have this fear about losing BB "boo" which is his blanket. I never could find a replacement one. I'm glad she agreed to hang with Pup's brother and hope Pup hangs on for a long time.

ROFLOL about the conversation. I've had ones like that with my kids too!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


Just got your comment....Your children are beautiful...I think I know why you want me to email you!!

I love this story about Pup....we have a bunny that Sarah has had since she was 3 days old....I feel the same way...another child to keep an eye on...she has thrown him out of the stroller on more than a couple of occasions...thank goodness I had realized!! Unfortunately I cannot find a was a gift and I have looked everywhere....I dread the day he gets lost...heaven help!

Hope you had a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh that story at the end was so funny! I was laughing out loud!

Colleen said...

That is just the sweetest "pup" story! It's amazing how attached they get to these little furry animals. As I write this Faith is holding her "puppy" close watching cartoons. She has a little pink puppy that we took to China with us and it has been with her ever since.....4 years later puppy is looking pretty pitiful! I have never been able to find another exactly like him, but have found a couple pretty close and there is just no fooling her either!

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