Monday, September 15, 2008

Moon Festival

This past week-end was the Chinese Moon Festival over in China! Our local FCC always celebrates this Chinese Holiday.


The girls made fans.......


and paper lanterns ...along with lots of other fun crafts!

The weather was calling for rain...but we were fortunate that the sun was out and we were able to play outdoor games!


As always...lots of yummy food with friends. This is the L family...they are very dear friends of ours...we are truly blessed to have them as friends!!

Of course...we could not celebrate a Chinese Holiday without a ribbon dance...



I had to share these...we started out trying to get Ella and Sophie to pose with their sweet friend M. As always...the posed pictures were alright........

but the silly ones that happened while trying to get their picture...were the best!





We are thankful to have an active FCC to celebrate these occasions with...there is something very special about having so many of our children who were all born so very far away..gather together for a local celebration! There were 70 some kids and then their families...that is a lot of people!

It can be a bit overwhelming for some kids, though as the picture below will speak for itself. Sophie kept telling me it was too much and plugging her ears. She had a small meltdown while I was a few feet away from her getting her food...she could see me next to her, but the meltdown started when I came over to pull a wad of tape out of her mouth. That wasn't the reason...the reason is it was just too overstimulating for her. A man who did not know why she was carrying on that way...bent over and tried to talk/help her. Well...that was it....I heard her shrieking "NOOOO! GO AWAY!!! I TALK TO MOMMY!!!" The look on the man's face was kind of startled. I guess she will never be crowned a "social butterfly". lol! The end of the night when they were doing the ribbon dance...I found her attacking the sweet Chinese lady who was leading the dance...with her ribbon stick. Okay...good time to get going. : )

Check out how this family celebrated the Chinese Moon Festival. I love it! As fun as the large celebrations are.....I think the actual meaning gets lost with the little ones with all of the action. I am thinking that maybe next year.....we will celebrate on a quieter note in our home as this family did as well as the large FCC celebration!




Crazy Mama said...

As always, your pictures and posts are awesome! I love the silly smiles in the perfectly-not-so-perfect pics! Our FCC Chinese New Year was hundreds of people HUGE....our little guy went into meltdown mode the moment we walked in. hence the at home Moon Festival celebration! Too bad we don't live closer, another family to celebrate with would have been ideal!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

We always celebrate the Moon Festival in a small way with just our family. We read books together, light a candle for the Tongginator's birth family and lay out in the backyard, looking up at the moon, eating moon pies and drinking bubble tea. We've never gone to the big celebrations because CNY is enough craziness for us! LOL.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Pretty girls!

my3 kids said...

Michelle your girls look adorable in their Chinese dresses/outfits. We don't have a local FCC and the closest for us is 3 hours away so unfortunatly we don't get to participate in many of the celebrations. I wish we were closer to other families. It's just us here so we have to become creative. This year we didn't do anything other then read books and look up at the moon. We did take a picture of the moon and talk about China/Vietnam. Scott was away so it was just the kids and I. We also don't have anywhere we can buy traditional foods and each year I say I am going to be more year:) I love all the pix you took of the sweet kids. So much fun!

Beverly said...

What a wonderful party. Love the smiling girls. Our FCC moon festival is extremely late this year, almost the end of Oct.

Shawnstribe said...

Oh wow, what a fantastic day, i so wish we all lived closer together.

Paula said...

Oh my gosh, the girls look so adorable in their outfits. What a great celebration and such a fun time!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The festival looked like so much fun!! I can't wait to be part of the group....Ok...I really need to join one of these days soon!

The girls look adorable....I bet they were exhausted be the time you got home!

Wonderful pictures Michelle!

I am so glad we dodged the rain this weekend!


Ronda said...

How fun! Love the idea of doing it at home-small, simple and more personal for the kids. The girls looked adorable-even in meltdown mode =).

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

These are so awesome. What fantastic memories y'all made.

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Your girls looked beautiful in their silks! We always love our FCC many beautiful Asian beauties in one place...I can never stop staring at them.

Michelle said...

Oh the poor baby...I feel her pain. You can just see it in her face. It's just too much for her.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the pictures..
Looks like you had fun..
sorry about the little melt down... that will pass.. sounds like she did pretty well though..
Love the girls outfits.
Have a Great Week..
Hugs to you..

Suzy said...

We tend to have smallish gatherings for the Moon Festival, but they still manage to be a bit chaotic. Loved getting to see more children and families like mine, though. And I can't help but loving all the traditional Chinese outfits. They are just so lovely.

Mom To Six said...


Beautiful pictures! I had to laugh with the "social butterfly" comment...oh, how I know those comments. :)

It's great that you have an awesome FCC group. I so wish we had one here.



Colleen said...

Your photos are beautiful! Looks like a fun celebration, but I can understand the need for a more quiet family celebration. We have never gone to the big FCC celebrations...just kind of started our own small family traditions. It is nice though to share in the traditions with other adoptive families.

Denise C said...

OH my beautiful your little girls are all dressed up for the Moon festival! I loved seeing all these great pics, Michelle!!!
Thanks for sharing such a special evening!!!
Sweet Blessings!

Jeff and Amy said...

Wow, looks like a wonderful time!!!!!! I am gonna have to look into an fcc group in our area, we have never gone to anything like that :)

Kowalczyk said...

Just checking in on ya and seeing how the sailing goes? Looks like your busy with blessings! No one to celebrate here for the moon festival as we have the only Chinese kids in Utown! Looking forward to FL! Nancy

Sheri said...

Happy Moon Festival -- a little late! That one got by me. What a great FCC group you have. It looks like the girl had a great time celebrating.

mommy24treasures said...

Looks like a fun time. THe celebration you are thinking about for next yr sounds good too though.:)
Love all the pics. Even though Sophia had some moments, it still looks like she did have some positive moments and has some improvement. Baby steps:)

sara said...

Looks like a great time! We can't wait to celebrate the Mon Festival next year!

OH MY #6 said...

It looks fantastic!


Sharon said...

OMGosh! I am so jealous of your FCC! The girls look amazing n thier traditional clothing and what a great time! This is makng me want to look into more local things going on, I have been in stay home mode!

Sharon said...

I hope my other comment posted, you never know! But I forgot to tell you that I think I saw your blog named on Kay Bratt's blog, did you see it??

Jewels of My Heart said...

How fun! The girls are just beautiful and it looks like they had a wonderful time over all! The pic of the girls laughing with Sophie's head thrown back just laughing is too precious.
Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pics of your celebration.

Denna said...

Great Pictures. Looks like you guys had a nice time.

GGAdventures said...

Looks like the girls had a great time! I'm glad Sophie enjoyed herself most of the time. Big crowds and loud noises upset both of our girls, and sometimes even me! Great pictures. Love their Chinese outfits!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Your girls as so pretty! I have two China girls, too! And an Ella.

AZMom said...

We are going to our Autumn Moon Festival on Sunday. We go to a park here in Phx that has train rides and a carousel and of cours playground equipment. We have a picnic dinner and the moon lady reads a story and then they play games and have a craft. It's a lot of fun.

Our FCC is active here too. We are very lucky in that respect.

Diane said...

What an inspirational blog! I am so glad that my dear friend Tonya (2china4ayla) shared your blog link with me.
Beautiful girls & beautiful dresses!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I hear ya on this one girlfriend! Lottie will yell at family, strangers...whomever she pleases, "You go away! Don't say anyshing to me!!" Nice...very nice.

They are all beautiful!

Kristin said...

Oh poor Sophie. But I like how she told the guy to go away. She knew she wanted mommy. Not the totally PC thing to do but the child knows what she needs.

Great pictures like always!!! Your girls are so beautiful. :-)

Andrea Nielsen said...

the girls look beautiful and it looks like great fun. I wish we had a group as active as the one in your area... what a blessing! I love seeing the great smiles both of your girls have!
blessings! Andrea

Tiffany said...

Oh my they look so so so pretty in their Chinese outfits!
The Autumn Moon Festival is our favorite FCC festival and it looks like yours is wonderful!

redmaryjanes said...

You all look stunning in your Chinese clothing. I am so glad that you were able to celebrate the moon festival.

Michelle said...

Sophie and Ella looks so cute in their festive attire. I would probably get overwhelmed with 70 kids, so I can understand that Sophie might have had enough by the end of the night. It looks like she did have a lot of fun, though. And her smile in the fourth picture from the bottom... PRICELESS!!

Walker said...

The girls look so pretty in their Chinese outfits. Love the navy blue! That is her color!
Also, what a Blessing to have such a huge FCC group! Did you know.. I only know of 4 other families who have adopted from China, but only 2 of them live right here in the same town as we do. I wished we had an "active" one to go to.. that wasn't 2hrs. away.
The pictures are Great!
Have a Good weekend!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

those little outfits are so cute and as always the girls are adorable!! looks like you guys had too much fun!!!


Ashley Winters said...

We love celebrating the moon festival too. Looks like everyone had a fun time.

Nikki said...

That looks like so much fun...and the girls certainly were enjoying themselves.

P.S. Your Sophie reminds me A LOT of how Lily was when she was a bit younger - so don't give up on her becoming a "social butterfly" in could definitely happen!

Shelle said...

What beautiful girls! I just love your photos.


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