Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Fall Line-Up

So, there used to be a time...back in the day...that my fall lineup referred to the new season of TV shows that I was looking forward to watching. lol! Currently, I watch no TV...have no time for it, but something tells me that I am not missing much! I refer to our new classes and school now as our Fall Lineup!

Ella started her first day of pre-school this week. She will be going two times a week. She has a November will always miss the cut offs with school by just a bit...but I am actually happy about that. It gives her (and me!) more time.


I had her in a one day a week 2 year old program last year. I basically put her in it because her best friend was going and I thought it would give her something to look forward to. She loved it at first and then when the fire evacuation-pup incident occurred, she did not want to go. I did not push it, because it was certainly not necessary and was meant to be fun. She stopped attending that back in March.


I was not sure how she would react to school this year...but so far, so good! She is a little nervous at drop off....I think because it is something new. She is used to(doesn't like it) but used to separating from me with other classes/activities we did last year and because I work outside the home. She woke up happy this morning about going. yay!


I have signed both of the girls up for dance. Sophie is a good year away from being ready for something like this....but I wanted to try and do something that might make her feel special. If I signed her up next year, that would mean the girls would be in separate classes and that would mean waaay too much work for Mom come recital time. She has huge issues with balance and maybe this will help. The first class was really cute. Ella was soooo excited about. She ran to the car to go! She was very into the whole class...very attentive and carefully following along. Sophie was attentive to the class for about 50% of the time. The other 50%, she was in her own world. She still disocciates big time when we are away from home and this class will be no exception...but I will let the teacher deal with this. We'll give it a shot and see how it goes.

They also go to Chinese class on Saturday mornings....I stay for that class as I need to be able to learn what they are learning, so I can help with the homework! It is a really cute class. There are 12 kids...3 and 4 years old. Half are adoptive families and half are Chinese heritage families.

Sunday School started last week and I am one of the teachers in their class, so no worries about that class!


Sophie was in the Early Intervention program last year. She had pre-school 2 days a week. This year, we felt would be best spent at home with me dealing with the emotional needs. I primarily wanted the EI for her sensory issues, because insurance does not cover OT for that. I found that the EI...even though they say they work with sensory not come close to working with her in the way she needs. So, we felt it best for her to stay home this year and I am happy with that decision.


Ryan started High School this year and so far so good with that, too! This is his third week and I have not gotten any teacher calls yet. : 0
The last 2 years in MS, I received several call from his teachers that always started like this, "Ryan is a really good kid, I really like him, BUT......." I often hear from them that they expect more from Ryan in class(behavior wise) because all of the other kids look up to him. I never really thought that was quite right as he had enough problem keeping himself in check! HS is a new I think we will be okay this year.

Chelsea is home with us this semester and taking classes at the Community College. So, we are enjoying our time with her until she returns to her college for the next semester.




Crazy Mama said...

Wow! You have quite the line up! The girls are so sweet in their ballet clothes.
You always post the most beautiful photos. It doesn't hurt that your kids are all so amazingly beautiful.heh.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sherri said...


Congratulations on your blog award!

Ryan sounds so much like my Cameron. I hated middle school with him, because I would cringe every time the caller ID would show the school's number. What did he do this time? Well, as a senior in high school last year, he was assigned the task of escorting his middle school principal to a breakfast, and he was able to share with her all his successes in high school, the scholarships, awards, etc. She said something like "I never thought you'd achieve all of that...."

And Mia does the same thing as Sophie in dance. The teacher is okay with it so far, but I have told her it won't hurt my feelings if she thinks Mia's not ready to take dance.

I loved the update on all your kiddos!

Have a great weekend!


Mr.Brian said...

Seeing the older two kids reminds me of my sister and me.
We loved to hate each other and I think lil bro loves to hate her. I can see they gat along well however she enjoys tormenting him.
Lets just hope he soon learns to get back in a wonderful little brother way rthat only us brothers can do.
If he needs pionters let me know.LOLOLOLOL
The little ones are so darn cute.

Michelle said...

I just have to say that I fully agree with you! Even as an EI OT, I think the kiddos with emotional/attachment needs need to stay home! I don't think the therapist needs to come into the home either if the parents are committed to working with them at home. I had a little guy last year that the mom adopted. He had every appt. imaginable. They were running around every day to OT, PT, Speech, attachment therapy, etc. Then he got sick last winter, and they stayed home for 3 full months. At the end of those months, he had made more progress than ever! He was much more attached, and much more aware, and came out of his own little world much more. It was truly amazing. Best wishes!

Beverly said...

your kids are cute, all of them. Cute little ballerinas.

Suzy said...

Man, I don't have Lydia signed up for anything other than Sunday school. Her 3 day/week babysitter home schools her girls, though, so I know she catches onto a lot there. And my son, who I think is brilliant, didn't really excel in high school or college until he found his passion for a subject/career. Ditto with my younger sister. Doesn't untapped potential drive you crazy? Not knowing how to tap into it is soooo frustrating.

Ronda said...

Love all the photos-they are so great! My Ella has a November b-day and my Ella missed the cut-off too. Our Ellas' have so much in common...we should compare some more notes. I did show my Ella your Ella-she loved it =). The dance outfits are adorable-good luck with school.

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

It sounds like a very busy fall schedule! Before you know it you will be back at the beach. Wasn't it last week Ella was a baby? Such great photos of ALL of your beautiful children!

Tamara said...

Totally understand the calls from teachers. Ogre's teachers tell me the same thing.
The girls are beautiful- I hope dance class goes well- we are going to start next year.


Paula said...

Sounds like everyone is enjoying school in your household. Glad its going well with the older kids too.
Ella and Sophie look so adorable in their little tutus.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

You are right honey you have no time for TV (no real loss there).

I love the dance outfits, they looks ready and OH SO excited!!!

Have a wonderful weekend,


my3 kids said...

YOu sure do have a busy Fall Line-Up girl. Yikes and I thought I was busy. I guess I will be come monday when Scott leaves to work away for awhile. He could be working away from home until Dec but will come home here and there when he can. Crazy as this time of year is busy busy. Ella and Sophie are so cute in their dance outfits...where did you find their bodysuits? I have to find Kira one for dance class. She joined Just for Kix and is loving it. It's actually over in the USA. Emma was not interested as of yet to join unless she could be in the same class as her sister which will not happen so she will wait another year I guess. Love Ella's school clothes..she is such a pretty girl. I hope this year having Sophie home with you will help make a difference for her. It has got to be so tough..but your one tough woman who is doing such a wonderful job. Okay I will stop writing a book now and say have a great weekend and talk soon.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That is quite a fall line up!!!

The girls look so adorable in their leotards and tights....I can't wait for Sarah to more year!

Hope you have a good weekend....looks like more rain...ugh!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are SOOOOO BUSY...
How do you do it.. I know.. I do it too.. but I will be running more once the little one is around...
Glad everything is going well..
All the kids are at home and you are doing well.
Have a Great Weekend..

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Oh my you really DO have a Fall line-up! Olivia started dance too!


Kristin said...

Love the ballet outfits! We tried Anna Grace in ballet last year. She reacted kind of like Sophie. On half the time and doing her own thing half the time! I ended up taking her out of the class before recital. I didn't want to be the mom of the kid who was dancing to her own tune at recital!!!

Abby really needs dance lessons. She is so uncoordinated and clumsy. We have her in gymnastics at her school but it's not quite enough. Honestly, she needs OT to work on recognizing where her body is located and how to control it. But I can't get her into the school OT without her having an IEP for something else. I'm still trying to get her into speech but so far, no luck even though she really needs it.

Alex is a freshman also. Our county just added an online grading system where parents can keep track of their kids grades at all times of the day. It's great for me but terrible for him! He has done okay getting settled into HS. I was so glad to leave middle school for many reasons. He is my "be all I can be for the minimum amount of work" kid. I hope high school goes better.

Enjoy having Chelsea home. :-)

mommy24treasures said...

sounds like a great fall lineup.
All sound like such wise thought out decisions from a mommy that has a plan:)
Hope your fall and winter are wonderful.

missy said...

Whew, I am exhausted just reading about all you have going in the world do you do it, girl???

You are amazing.

I love the school photos of Ella. She is sooo pretty.

I also LOVE the dance photos of the girls. You know I love those dancers ; )

Walker said...

Look at those two little Princesses'! They are darling!
McKenna had problems with balance too, and we put her in Ballet.. she did Great.. very Graceful! We were shocked.. & very Proud of her as well. Now, this year... she's all about Tap! LOL! Who knew?!
Glad to hear your "older" babes are doing well too!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Just look at those cute little stinkers! Darling! Darling! Darling!

Emma is just like that anywhere we go, even in Sunday school she is in her own little world unless they are doing a craft.

She goes to speech and she really has alot of sensory issues but we can't afford a therapist and our school system doesn't address sensory??? Odd huh? With all of the children with autism. They also say that she doesn't have any delays in her physical development although she is 3 1/2 and runs with her arms up over her head for balance??? She also can not go up or down stairs or curbs without holding someone's hand. Oh is free.

Michelle said...

Wow!! No wonder you don't have time for tv. You are a busy woman!

The girls look adorable in their dance leotards. (Or "leos" as the dance moms call them.) I look forward to the recital pictures!!

Jodee Leader said...

Your fall line up sounds perfect to me. Adorable pictures of your kids!

sara said...

The girls are adorable in their back packs AND their dance outfits!! You are going to have such a fun year!

Glad to hear that you have Chelsea home with you this semester too AND that you haven't gotten any calls yet about Ryan ;) I have a feeling that'll be more one day sooner than I'd like :)

Denise C said...

Wow...your fall is full of tons of fun and excitement!!! I just adore the two cuties in tutus with their pink crocs! oh how precious!!!
I love the picture of Ryan and Chelsea!!! They have such a great relationship!!! You are a great shows in all of your children!!!
Sweet Blessings,

Lisa said...

You do have a busy Fall line up.
I love all the photos of the girls. They are so pretty.
I would like to put Ana Claire in dance, but I don't know if she is ready for something else new. Ana Claire also has a November birthday.
Speaking of Ryan, I think part of that is just being a boy. ;) I have two of them.
I know the little ones must be so happy to have their big sister home for a little while.
Have a great week!

Jewels of My Heart said...

WOW! Sounds like much more excitement than the fall lineup! hehee
oh, your family is precoius. How exciting for sweet Ella. She is quite the little fashion plate. The girls look so sweet in their dance wear....
Enjoy all of your babies being back in the nest... yippee

AZMom said...

How fun! I wish our Chinese classes were closer to our house. They are held downtown and that is just too far to drive at 8 am. LOL Your girls look like they have a great lineup. I hope preschool goes well with Sophie. I can relate to the sensory issues. BB has them too.

Bug has a Dec b-day and I can say that having her home that extra year was very good so I am sure Ella will do great too!

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