Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ella!

Look who's 4 years old now! Where does the time go? As we watch our sweet girl growing too quickly, she is soooo excited to be such a "big girl" now! Almost every sentence lately ends with the words, "because I am four now!". She wants to make sure that we all remember. She also points out quite often that she is older than Sophie now. Although that won't last for long as Sophie will be four in January. But we will let her enjoy her reign for the next few weeks.

A beautiful princess cake!

I am four, four, four! See the pretty flower that my auntie can make from palms.


And in case you missed the news...I am four! And my Ba Ba bought this huge #4 balloon for me to celebrate with.


She sooo carefully and methodically opened her gifts this year and loved each and every one. Most of my present opening pics did not turn out so well.

Here is the new dollhouse that she received that she is loving along with her new Little P*t Shop.

Ella and her cousin Hanna

The newest addition to the Walker family is Dave's sister's baby...named Myles. He is a beautiful baby and very, very good baby! This picture is not so good and I did not have a chance to get too many pics of him with the party going on. Trena, Dave's sister, kind of surprised Ryan(who is not a fan of baby holding!) by placing Myles in his arms ...note the look on his face. lol! I had to capture that!

The slide show below is Ella opening gifts from her Hengdong brother, Sam. They were best buddies and crib mates in China. We do not live close to one another, but Sam's mom, Tammy, and I make sure the 2 keep in touch and remember one another. I want to share these pictures so that Sam can watch Ella "She She" open the gifts he sent her. Oh, how she loved her gifts! And the Mortimer Christmas Manger book is wonderful...if you don't have it, keep an eye out for it while you are out shopping. Cute story about a mouse learning the story of Jesus!

On another note....I want to apologize for my slacking lately in Blogland. I do not have much computer time these days and having to work full time while being Mom to four is catching up with me lately. Please be patient with me as I hope to regain some ME time and to be able to catch up with everyone more regularly after the Holiday season. Blessings to YOU!!!!



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Operation Christmas Child

It's that time of year....Operation Christmas Child or sometimes known as Operation Shoebox organized by Samaritan's Purse. To learn how you can participate, including praying for this project, please take a look here.


This morning us gals went shopping for our shoebox or as we referred to it..."for our boy".

In the past, we have always chosen to make a shoebox for a girl, so this year I thought we would make a boy's shoebox!

Trying to figure out how to squeeze everything in.

Ella always loves to make artwork for any outgoing mail. : )

Ta Da!!!!

Such beautiful eyes.........

Tomorrow, (Friday) is a very dear friend of mine's birthday. Please stop by her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, Robin!!!
Birthday Comments

Have a great week-end, everyone!!!!!


Friday, November 7, 2008


This is a little story about my day yesterday...for the moms of teens who will relate and for the moms of little ones to remind them to enjoy your kids while they are young and before they turn into a teenager! Now of course I love my teens more than life itself, but this is a hard age!


I worked late the night before and when I woke up yesterday, Chelsea asks me if I had seen Ryan's hand? I have no idea what she is talking about and then she explains that he hurt it playing football. Uh, no. No one said a word to me. Ryan was already in school at this point. So, I call Dave and he says, "oh, yeah...I forgot to tell you". I ask him if it was bad enough that he should see a doc and he says...probably. Do you know the feeling of how things just never get done the right way while you are away? Now,I know it would be hard to assess it AND get a doctors appointment after he got home from school. Sooo, I call the school nurse and tried to explain the story. A bit embarrasing. I ask her if she would call him down to her office and look at it for me and give me her opinion. So, she did and calls me back to tell me that indeed it needed medical attention and x-rays.

So, now my boy is not so happy with me. I have him pulled out of class and sent to the nurse and now I am coming to pick him up early. He calls me when I am almost there...telling me he is fine and the nurse does not know what she is talking about and he does not need to see a doctor! I tell him he is going and I will see him in a minute.

Now, I am waiting in the car for him and holding my breath, waiting for his arguing to hit when he gets in the car....the girls in the backseat with their wide eyes taking this all in. The car door slams and then the mouth starts going. "This is ridiculous. I asked lots of people and they said it is probably not broken. It is my pinkie and it is no big deal. Who told you about this? This is a waste of my time. I am missing math class." And on and on and on. Now, I realize that compared to the broken neck he had in the spring, this may not be a huge deal, but still. I tried to explain to him that I would prefer to get it assessed by medical professionals over his friends and grandmother. I explained I was on my way out the door to my exercise class I have not been to in weeks and had to drop that to take him to the doctor. But teens do not look outside of themselves often, so none of that made a difference.

I am upset at this point and Sophie starts asking Ella what is the matter with Mommy. Ella whispers in the sweetest little voice, "Ryan is not being so nice right now. Be very quiet Sophie....they are both crabby now." How cute is that?

So, at this point I am a little fearful about his "I told you so"s if it was not broken. lol! As soon as the doc saw it, she sent him for x-rays. As it turns out, the x-rays not only showed several fractures, but the breaks were such that he needed to go immediately to an orthopedist specialist with probable surgery. O.K., I am the adult, so no "I told you so"'s from me. But I was thinking them! ha!

So, now he has a removable cast and it is wrapped almost to his elbow. We have to go back each week for x-rays so they can assess if it will need surgery or if it will heal on it's own. Teens! Gotta love em!

Hope you all have a wonderful week-end with your little ones and your teens! : )



Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween 2006...our beautiful bumblebee!

Halloween 2007...our beautiful Snow White!

Halloween 2008.......
Introducing our beautiful butterfly fairy princess!! The most important part of this costume to her....was the magic wand. I guess, that is the only thing that really lets us squeeze princess into the description! I do not know if there is such a thing as a butterfly fairy princess, but that is what she wanted to be. She was adored by all of the neighbors when they opened the door to her and when asked what she was...she very proudly told them she was a
"Butterfwy Fairy Pwincess"!!!


Sissy always like to have her picture taken with the princess!

The weather was just perfect. Last year was Ella's first year of really understanding trick-or-treat, but it poured rain. She had so much fun last night and it was a joy to watch the excitement in her!!!


The candy hand out gals.....Chels and Sophie.


And the best part of all.....the expressions of excitement when they see all of the loot!




Sweet, sweet sisters!!!!

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