Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry CHRISTmas!!

I saw a snowflake gently falling
From the sky this Christmas Eve
And a voice so gently calling,
"My Child, do you believe?"
"Do you believe in miracles,
And in faith, can you see?
As you celebrate this Christmas,
Do you believe in me?"
Then he showed me a vision
Of the manger dark and lorn
That the shadow of the cross was present
The night that Christ was born.
"Do you believe in miracles,
That this was planned for you?
That even then I knew the cost
To bring you life anew?"
"Tell me child, do you know the gift
First given long ago?
But most important, do you believe
It washes white as snow?"
I saw again the snowflakes falling
From the sky this Holy Eve.
Yes Lord, I believe in Christmas,
And yes Lord, I believe.
©1989 Charles Pore



From our family to your family.....A Very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the celebration of THE Greatest Gift of all! He loves us THAT much!!!


Christmas Blessings,


Friday, December 19, 2008

Life is Good!!!


We woke up to a snowstorm this all know that I do not like snow too much. Well, if I did not have to drive in it...I would probably like it. But look at the joy in this sweet face as we suited up to go outside to play in it.

I could not tell who loved it more...Ella or our crazy puppy. lol! They both enjoyed it so much and Daisy was sticking to Ella like glue. She knows where to find fun!



I could only get a few pics as it started to sleet and rain and I wanted to get my camera inside, but the looks of joy and wonder on her face in the ones I did get.... were priceless!

Here is the gingerbread house we made that was also a very big hit!




TA DA!!!!!

Living life through the eyes of a there anything better??

Have a wonderful week-end!!!!



Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Please see post below.........


Praise Report and Flowers

It has been a long time since I have posted! I actually had this blog on hold for a while as it is my plan to make it private. No one big reason for that, just something I would like to do. I have not yet gotten around to doing that, though...hopefully after the holidays. I want to share a big Praise with you all.

For those of you who do not know...the last few weeks were quite an emotional roller coaster. My gyn. had been urging me since I turned 40 a couple of years ago, to go get a mammogram. 40 is the suggested age when you have no family history or any other concerns. I have always been very healthy and have no cancer history in my family, so that along with the fact that I really do not have anyone to watch my kids for appointments...I put it off. I am very good about getting any other routine check-ups that I am supposed to, but for whatever reason....I felt this one could wait. My doc urged me again when I went for my annual check-up in this time I listened.

Well, I found myself back and forth to the hospital getting many tests as what was supposed to be just a baseline mammogram...turned up showing abnormal cell growth/patterns. In the end, the last test which was biopsied, showed the cells to be benign, but I have to go back two time a year for a while so they can watch for changes in the cells.

Many of you prayed me through this and were on your knees with me praying for Healing from the Ultimate Healer. I praise God for healing me and for continue healing! What an Amazing and Loving God we serve!

Thanks to my prayer warrior friends for praying me through the last few weeks. Your prayers were truly my coat of armor. Thanks so much to my dear friend, Connie for this Angel of Hope. Connie, I collect these Willow Tree figurines and she fits in perfectly with the rest of my angel collection!

Also, thanks to my sweet friend, Colleen. She had a blog give away and I was the lucky recipient of this beautiful book, which I have been wanting since I first read about it. I should thank Colleen AND Allie for the gift of this book. You can read more about that in the give away link above.

She also sent this lovely which I could not get a picture that gives justice to how pretty it is. Thanks, are one of the flowers in my garden!

And for all of you that have such loving hearts and are such an encouragement to me and so are all a flower in my life's garden!!

We had the privilege of meeting some blogging friends over the week-end. Thanks so much, Jen for inviting us to your Christmas party! We had a wonderful time!!

Santa visited Jen's house while we were there and I am shocked that both of my girls sat on his lap! lol! They will usually not get within 50 feet of the guy in the red suit or anything is costume, for that matter. But for whatever reason, when their name was called, they each popped up and sat on Ho Ho's(that's what we refer to him as) lap!


Now, you will note the solemn looks on their faces and there was no sort of eye contact whatsoever...but, hey....huge step for these two girlies. : )


How cute is this picture with all of the kids gathered around Ho Ho?

Christmas blessings to all of you and please go get those mammograms, ladies!!!

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