Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Dogs Allowed


Now, just look at that sweet way she could cause any trouble, right? Well...take a look at the picture below that Ella drew and you can see that she does not share the same opinion. lol!

Ella is at the age where she just comes up with the funniest things every day. She is very observant of street signs when we are driving and seems to know what they all mean. I can assure you that I did not teach her not sure where she picked it up. If there are any signs with a red line through them...she will tell me it means..."no walking" or "no trucks" or whatever is pictured with a line through it.
So, a few weeks ago she took it upon herself to draw several of the pictures you see above and then she went and found the tape and hung them up in places she did not want Daisy going into...such as the toy room, the upstairs, her bedroom. I thought this was the funniest thing! The next day, when Daisy was clearly not obeying the signs, Ella was quite upset that Daisy was "not listening to the signs!"

Fun Stuff!

We bought this kitchen set for the girls for Christmas and we love it!! If you are looking for a kitchen...check this one out. It has very deep cabinets that can store lots and lots of "stuff"!

I have wanted one of Suzanne's Name Charm necklaces for a long time. This was my Christmas gift this year and I really cherish it!!!

And these were a gift that came all the way from Australia. I met the nicest lady, named Jo, through the Shaoguan SWI yahoo group....we both have daughters that began their lives in that SWI. She is the sweetest lady and sent us a package with some books and music. These CD's are so much fun...we are enjoying hearing the children's music with that wonderful Australian accent! And even more special...the Colin CD is Christian Music for kids and it is a very fun CD. The girls walk around the house singing the songs . Jo does not blog..but she reads a big thank-you to you, Jo!!

Also, we were so surprised to receive this special gift in the mail from Ella!! Ella.....if you are reading Ella loves it and says "thanks so much"!!! Tell your mommy that I lost her contact info.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your week. We are having a very cold week here and woke up today to find our hot water heater is not working. brrrr! I am off to make some phone calls about that.

If you have not read Abby's story.....please click on the picture below and be on your knees in prayer for this sweet girl and her family.



Nancy Lee said...

Yeah, I'm the first commentor on your very famous blog! Love the signs, Ella is so bright!!! You are blessed! Been busy arranging Sophie and Jacob's wedding. I'm thinking crab cakes for dinner and sourcrout for cake topping. Hangin in there and by your blog, I see you are too. Happy days, Nancy Lee

a Tonggu Momma said...

Umm... does Ella realize that Daisy can't read? LOL. How bright she is, though, to think of the signs. And how absolutely Tongginator-ish to even want the signs. These gals of ours... so funny... so spirited... so persistent. :)

Mr.Brian said...

That is one smart girl.However how could anyone refuse the sweet face of that dog???
Give Daisy a hug from Uncle Brian and tell her she is welcome in any of my rooms.LOLOLOL!!!

Sherri said...

I have seen those charm necklaces and wanted them for a while. I love them.

I love the signs!!!!!!!!!! That is so funny.

How are you faring with Chelsea back at college?


Colleen said...

That is too funny! What a clever girl!:)
I love your necklace! I have been eying those for awhile now. Hmmmm, I may have to treat myself!!
Your doggie is just gorgeous! I could just squeeze that face.
Have a great week!! :)

JShannon said...

Oh how cute is that? Ella just wants to set some rules down for daisy, thats all. lol. I'm sure the girls love their kitchen, Malia plays with her kitchen all the time. She is always making us something to eat.

Mom To Six said...


Oh my! Your sweet Ella is so smart. I love it!!

Thank you for posting the FIGHT FOCA button. You're a great warrior. I know God will use this for His good at some point, when He's ready.

I love the necklaces, too!!! I'm gonna have to start whining about a Mother's Day gift. :)

Hugs and love...


PS I've been meaning to respond to your email, but am pretty much at a loss for words right now. Things are better, but still "not good". I'm sure you understand. Your support is priceless. Thank you!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Love your necklace!!!

Love the no dogs allowed pic!!

Off to see that site.. and pray!


Denna said...

Brooke has that kitchen set. She loves it. I do to. It has so much storage. If somebody is coming over you can do a quick clean up by putting everything in the
cabinets. LOL

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Ella is a hoot and a smart one at that!

I have never seen that necklace but I would LOVE one! What a perfect gift!

So sweet of your friend to send you gifts. Gifts in the mail are always a great way to brighten any day!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my word...those signs are hilarious!! She is too funny.....I can just imagine them all over your home!!

Hope we can connect soon:)

Take Care,


PS...Love the charm necklace...beautiful!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like a great Christmas..
LOVE the necklace.. that is beautiful..
Love the little kitchen..
those books look great..
Have a great week.

AZMom said...

love the signs!! Those are too funny! That necklace is beautiful too! That is a cool kitchen. My daughter wants one but I told her she is a bit old for them now. So, we settled for just buying some play food for her AG dolls instead. :-)

Jo from Aust said...

Hi Michelle, I was looking at your blog with Emily at my side. We were very surprised and delighted to see our CDs on your blog! Thanks for the kind words, and we are pleased to know you are enjoying the music. We love Justine & Colin too!! Preferable to the Crazy Frog, which is on repeat at the moment in our house, thanks to a 9-year old boy. Love, Jo

mommy24treasures said...

How darling of Ella:)
Thank you for sharing all of these things.:)Love the jewelry.I never wear any but I always love it:)

AZMom said...

Hey there. Yes, it's Walmart. It's their corporate office in Bentonville, AR. He is a project manager and it seems like they are doing everything they can to get him hired. It is just very hard to sit and wait and TRUST that God knows what he is doing with our lives. I am really struggling with it as I am scared to death that it won't go through. Right now money is all on me. I'm trying to trust...and just count the days until the phone rings.

Sharon said...

I love that charm!! Those are the greatest, pride of momms! Ella has such a cute humor to draw that. I love it! Will she make me one?!? haha My dogs are driving me crazy. They bullied their way into the house when I was unloading groceries and now are alseep in the family room shedding as they dream!!

Thanks for that rec on the kitchen i was trying for one but John said no more! meany. Next time!!

OH MY #6 said...

Hey Michelle! Hope you are doing well! I have one of Suzanne's necklaces too! I love it. Bill gave it to me for Valentine's last year. With a little hint from yours truely.


PS. Love the "NO DOGS ALLOWED" story.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I love all of these things. That kitchen is great and the necklace is perfect!!!

I also giggled at Ella's picture....well, you know what they say...a picture is worth a thousand words:)

Heather said...

Do you think she can make one of those signs for our dog? I'm getting to the point where I will pay someone to take her!!!!

Love the necklace. I have been hinting that I wanted one of those for quite some time. Perhaps DH will come through for Valentine's Day. (He tells me he's hoping to have a funeral on Valentine's day - he's a funeral director - so he can bring any left over flowers home to me! Isn't he thoughtful?!

Sharon said...

Just stopped by to see whats new. I saw your comment on the tribe grows and worried about you! It must be so hard when she leaves home!!!

Steffie B. said...

well all I know is ...after this post.....I need to do some shopping! ;)

ADELE said...

Too funny about the picture she drew. We have that kitchen and Mallory just loves it. You are right about it storing alot of stuff. Mallory certainly crams alot of "food" in hers. :)
Love your blog and all of your posts!

Missy said...

I love Ella's sign for Daisy!!! : ) SO funny! I also adore all of the great Christmas gifts, but particularly your necklace. What a treasure!

Colleen said...

Just stopping by......hope everything is well and you are having a great week-end!!

Jennifer said...

Ella is one smart gal. Love the picture.

Your necklace is beautiful. I love it.


Teresa said...

Just came across your blog from Steffie. I had to tell you, my Caroline (4 yrs, also from China) will sit in the back of my van and as we are driving, she is singing her own little tune, at the top of her lungs. The lyrics are anything she sees at the time "And they sky is blue and the house is over there. No trucks allowed and watch out for deer. No U turn and a dog on the sidewalk..." You get the picture. I did not teach her any of it, by the way.

I have seen Abby's blog and am praying for that sweet little girl and her family.

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