Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mamgu turns 89

Mamgu(pronounced Mamgee) is the Welsh name for grandmother and it is what my
Mother-in-law has all of her grandkids refer to her as.

A few of you know this, but many do not know that my MIL lives with us. Yes, that's right....lives WITH us. She has her own apartment downstairs from us. But this post is not going to be about the joys of living with your MIL. lol!

It is going to be about the relationship between Mamgu and Ella. We celebrated Mamgu's 89th. birthday yesterday! It got me thinking back to when we were in the paperwork stages of bringing Ella home and now fast forward several years to the very special relationship that Ella shares with her Mamgu.

xxxxxxxxxxx AND since she lived at the same address as us, she had to be involved in the home study/fingerprinting process. So, that was awkward to say the least. I will say that she made her initial disapproving remarks up front and kept the rest to herself.

Well, I will say that it fills my heart with joy as I have watched the relationship between Ella and her just blossom. They are very good company for one another! Ella loves to do crafty things and my MIL is very good with that type of thing. She has taught Ella sooo much...from sewing to cutting paper dolls to crossword puzzles and so much more. Ella just eats this stuff up and loves to go visit with Mamgu to see what fun things she has in store for them to work on together! And of course, my MIL loves the company of Ella! She does not get out and about as much these days and I am sure she gets lonely. Ella helps to make sure she in not lonely or bored! So, they truly are so good for one another!


I wanted to share this as well. I had Ella make her Mamgu a birthday card yesterday. As I was encouraging her to decorate it with pictures and with my very limited creativity skills(hee hee!) I hurriedly told her to draw a birthday cake or a flower or something. Original, huh? Well, I guess she did not find it too original, because when I checked in on her a little later...this is the card she created! First, a ball of yarn because her Mamgu loves to knit! Then a picture of Mamgu sitting in her green chair...where she sits all day long...with a tray of food on her lap as that is how she eats her meals. Then on the far right is the table that sits beside her chair with the beautiful cut flowers she received for her birthday. O.K., so it's a good thing someone around
here is creative. : )




Yoli said...

That is the sweetest thing I have read in some time.

Ohilda said...

How wonderful that God is allowing that relationship to blossom. I love your sweet Ella's heart. And my...that picture is definitely worth framing.



Colleen said...

A very Happy Birthday to Mamgu! I am sure that is the BEST birthday card she has ever received!! So sweet!!
What a gift to see her relationship with the girls blossom. My MIL was also not too happy about our decision to adopt. She was battling cancer when we were going through all of our paper work and she was never able to meet Faith. I'm sure they too would have had a special relationship. Funny when we received Faith's referral photo she was dressed in a white gown (our agency told us they had never seen a referral photo all in white)Well my MIL would wear only all white as she got older. Seriously, no color at all. I know this was God's way of telling us that she was looking after Faith for us and we had her blessing.
I love the photos!!

Carmen said...

Ella is so very creative and so sweet. So very special that she gets to have a close relationship with a grandparent. I think Sophie is looking more relaxed in recent pictures.

mommy24treasures said...

such a great post. I love how these girls soften up older hearts sometimes. I have seen it happen before...
What a sweet post. Ella is a sweet sweet girl. I bet she and Chloe could be fast friends:)

Your creativity sounds like mine;)
I love Ella's!

delucchi family said...

I LOVE the card!!
Now that is creative.
And we too had family who were against our adoption, it is a tough one and now they too are inseperable!! Great Easter photos too!!
Love Jules

delucchi family said...

I LOVE the card!!
Now that is creative.
And we too had family who were against our adoption, it is a tough one and now they too are inseperable!! Great Easter photos too!!
Love Jules

Laura L. said...

This is such a very sweet post. It's wonderful to read about what love can do between 2 people.
Great post!

JShannon said...

That just shows how much of a sweetie Ella is and that she is also a "thinker". I hope that card get preserved somehow.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the photos..
And love Ella's face.. you can truly see the love she has for Mamgu...
Happy Birthday Mamgu...
Hugs to you girly..

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The card is perfect....so cute and very creative!! It looks like Mamgu has a great relationship with the girls......it may have been a long road, but sometimes it takes people a little longer to grasp something as major as adoption.....especially from the older generations.

Hope all is well....let's plan a day at the park for the girls!


Nancy Lee said...

Overflowing sea of love! Beautiful story my sailin friend! Love Nan

Colleen said...

What a beautiful post. I love how their relationship has grown. Ella sounds like such a sweet and loving little girl.
The birthday card is beautiful.

Suzy said...

How cool! My grandmother's idea of entertaining me was to sit me on the floor with a jar of buttons and let me thread a needle through them. When I was done she cut the knot off and the buttons went back in the jar. I think Mamgu is way more creative!!!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Oh Michelle...what a sweet post about your beautiful girls and Mamgu!!! I have tears streaming down my face. My mother was not receptive to our adoption of Mikayla. As it turns out...Mikayla became the apple of her eye. Ella is so creative! I'm sure Mamgu will cherish her special birthday card. Such special moments!

Thinking of you my friend!!!

Keisha said...

What a speical bond those two share. And, isn't it Great how God worked in Mamgu's heart?!! Just Awesome!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Doug and Terrye said...

What a blessing! I am inspired by Mamgu and her ability to love her granddaughter!!

Terrye in FL

Shawnstribe said...

Precious precious Chilyou have, your love for your family shines thru her.
Yep, a beautiful card!!!!
Happy Birthday to Mamgu and may her heart be always fullof song

Tiffany said...

Ella is quite the little artist..... Love her card and the picture of her with her Mamgu!

Robin said...

What a beautiful gift this relationship must be for Mamgu and Ella, they're very lucky to have overcome the challenges en route to finding each other. These photos are a real family treasure.

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday Mamgu!!
I love the card, it is darling. She really put a lot of thought into it.

Anonymous said...

How sweet you are to allow this for your family. I hope my kiddos will do the same :)!

Kim said...

What a sweet post! I too have seen the softening of hearts in our family with my MIL, not as fast as I would like, but it is taking place slowly.

Ella really put a lot of thought into her card! I too would frame it. Love the fact that their relationship is blooming and special memories are being made!

Felicia said...

Happy birthday Mamgu. I just loved reading this post. What a great birthday card and I love how you described their blossoming relationship. So sweet!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Michelle I love this post! I don't think I remember reading that she lived with you guys....God really worked on her heart huh? We have family members who fought in Vietnam and were really not "into" our Asian adoptions but now have found that they couldn't help falling in love with our girls. Maybe it taught our family something about forgiveness...something they really needed to lay at the Lord's feet.

I am so thankful Ella has her in her life and that she loves to take care of her....she will learn so much from her and she will never forget their relationship. Love you!

sara said...

Happy 89th Birthday to Mamgu! How wonderful that her heart opened to your miracles through adoption and the special relationship now shared!

How wonderful that you get to have your MIL with you e-v-e-r-y day :) I am praying for you today! lol

I laughed initially when I read that your MIL "wanted" the kids to call her "Mamgu" cause when my Mom first started having grandkids, she really pondered what she wanted to be called. "Little Bill" (Cosby) was a popular kids' cartoon (if you can believe it) and the Grandma was called "Alice the Great" - that settled it for my Mom, she wanted to be called, "Nana the Great".

Sadly, it never "took".


Melissa said...

What a wonderful post on not letting the past damage the future...I love their bond.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment, I appreciate it so much. And you have such a lovely family and blog!

Sherri said...

What a gift to have a grandmother living right in your house. My children never had a grandparent living in the same city or even state for that matter.

I'm glad that she didn't let her opinion of the adoption cloud her opinion of your girls. I think that generation sometimes has a hard time understanding why people want to go across the world to adopt a child.

GGAdventures said...

What a special bond they share! Those pictures show the love between them. How lucky for everyone!

Ella is very artistic! That's a great drawing.

jwhitacre said...

How sweet! I stumbled across your blog and noticed you have two three year olds named Sophie and Ella...as do I!! They are adorable!


Michelle said...

Hi Michelle,
I don't know how I keep missing your posts. That is so great that her heart was softened by your sweet girls. What a great thing for them to have her around all the time. My grandmother lived with us for a while when I was younger and I had such a special relationship with her, too.

I hope you are having a great week!!

Ivy said...

What an incredibly endearing post! Great photos and a very Happy Birthday to Mamgu.

Have an awesome week.

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