Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scooters, Shirts and a Cross

The girls got new scooters, so that is the new favorite thing to do around here these days. They are just so funny...no matter what we are doing. The way they interact with one another...too funny!



Also, bought some helmets that are now mandatory since they are more mobile and daring this year. : ) Hasn't Sophie's face really filled out??

I love this picture. My friend Colleen posted about Faith building with legos and it made me think of the big box of legos we have from when Ryan used to build with them. I had Dave drag it out, so the girls could start building. Ella came running in to show me her very first creation....oh, it made my heart smile BIG! I love how she is studying it here in the pciture. You will have to ignore the white blur in the front corner as that is our Crazy Daisy who must be in the middle of everything!

We had some friends over for dinner and playtime last week-end. Five beautiful princesses!!

Here are the girls wearing their Abby shirts. When we were out and people were asking about the shirts...Ella was most willing to share about her friend Abby who is very sick and who needs us to pray for her.


Hope you are all well!!!! We have had some not nice weather here lately and we are anxiously waiting for Spring...the REAL spring, not just the calendar one. : )



Tiffany said...

They are SOOOOOOOO cute on those scooters and with their adorable helmets.

I am with you.... we are ready for the REAL spring.... snow flakes are floating around here today.

Love that Lego cross!!!!

mommy24treasures said...

oh love seeing your girls Michelle:)
WE LOVE legos around here. I am glad you remembered you had some! I know minelove to go through the attic and find old treasures:)
PS Don't forget to email me about Ryan! I would LOVE to hear your story!

Colleen said...

The girls are adorable!!!! Faith loves being outside on her scooter too!
I'm glad you pulled out the Legos! Love the Lego cross.....that is just the sweetest! Faith is actually building with hers right now. They have been great for working on her motor skills.
Have a great week and I hope Spring gets there real quick for ya!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

We are praying for Ms. Abby too...breaks my heart how this little angel is suffering.

That is alot of pretty little girls on ONE sofa huh? Just darling! Little Ms. Sopie's face has filled out and so has Lottie's...last week when they went for strep she weighed 30 pounds...I almost fell over!~ She has weighed 26 pounds for the last two years.....must be all of those chocolate caramels her Daddy has her hooked on....must be my problem too;)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Great photos...cute scooters and yes Sophies face has filled out and she is so beautiful just as Ella is!!

A cross of Legos...so sweet!

What a great way to spread the word to pray for Abby!

Love you!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh what sweet pictures of your sweet girls! Love the scooters! LM loves her scooter, too!! The weather here is horrible, too. I want spring back!!!! And, we are praying and praying for precious Abby....bless her heart.

Have a great day!
Love you,

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

How cute!! They look so adorable in all their gear riding their scooters.....and I love their Abby shirts!

Hope you are well....I think of you often...we are headed out of town again for the holiday. In case I don't get a chance to pop back again, Have a Happy Easter!!

Let's get the girls together as soon as the real spring arrives:)


Michelle said...

Oh, how your heart must have smiled BIG when you saw Ella's cross. The girls make great messengers helping to spread the word to pray for Abby. Beautiful little messengers!!

Kristin said...

Tried to post earlier but my "rental" internet went out. Ugh!!

Love the girls photos. They are adorable as always.

Ella's Lego cross is very original. How very sweet. :-)

Across the Ocean Blue said...

I love the cross picture too!

Suzy said...

Isn't it great when the weather is mild and our babies get to enjoy nature before the bugs get out of control and make it unpleasant? Your girls are so full of beauty and LIFE. I love reading your blog.

GGAdventures said...

Loving the pics. The scooter pics are adorable. So far we're still just riding ours indoors. UGH!
The Abby tees are great! So sweet that Ella wants to spred the word.

Come on spring!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle! I love the pictures of Ella AND Sophie on their scooters!!!!! Very cute, indeed! What great fun! Maria has a new Cinderella bike and helmet, too? Did I tell you we got it for her as a birthday present? Her pre-school class had "Bike Day" that Friday and I helped out.

I love the brown lego Cross that Ella made! Beautiful! Just beautiful! During Palm Sunday Mass this past weekend, Maria made a Cross out of her palm, by making a little whole in one strip and sliding the other one through! She was very proud of herself!

Talk to you so soon!

Love Forever, Maria XO

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Very cute! I better not show Dori or she will freak out for a Dora scooter!

JShannon said...

Malia has a set of the bigger lego's and plays with them every night. They are by far her favorite toy. Those scooters are really cute

Colleen said...

Your girls are so darn cute!!! Love the pictures of them with their helmets. My girls love their helmets.
I saved my son Kenny's lego's and the girls drag them out all the time. Isn't it fun to see our little ones play with our older children's toys...brings back memories : )

Keisha said...

Oh.. how Cute! My kiddo's love scooters too! Love the helmets! Cute!
And... what a sweet photo of the lego cross!
HAppy Easter!

Anonymous said...

The girls are so beautiful! Allison has the Dora scooter, she loves it! My dog always sneaks into pictures too.

Sharon said...

Wowo scooters!! How much fun!!

I just wanted to pop over and wish you and you precious family a very Happy Easter!! I will be thinking of you! Hope you take lots of shots!!

Across the Ocean Blue said...

Stopping by to say Happy Easter!

Nancy Lee said...

Ok, I never leave messages but I've been thinking about you and praying that with the warm weather up over head that Sophie was blooming into a flower! Looks like it's working! Love ya sailor! Nancy Lee

Paula said...

thr scooters look like so much fun!Have a great Easter!

Shawnstribe said...

HAPPY EASTER to a most precious family.
May He pour His Easter blessings on yours and may spring come soon, i can sense the longing in your heart girly : )


Colleen said...

Stopping by to say Happy Easter!!

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