Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So, Ella pulled out on of our photo albums the other day while her and I were having some quiet time together. It was one of our China trip albums...the one where we traveled to bring Sophie home. We followed through each page beginning at the packed bags and boarding the big plane to China right through to where we first met Sophie and here is the conversation that took place while leafing through the album...

Ella: "Mommy, not all kids have a sister".

Me:(thinking Ella is really grasping the idea of different family formations) "That's right, Ella.....all families are different. Some have lots of sisters brothers, some have none, some have just one or two".

Ella: "My friend K has NO sister in her family".

Me: That's right, Ella.

Ella: "SO, can we take Sophie back to China"?

And here I am thinking she was referring to different family make-ups. ha!

My girls actually really get along well with one another these days and both would be COMPLETELY lost without the other! Of course, they bicker, but that is normal. I also have never met a child that did not request that their new sibling be sent back....whether the sibling came into the family via birth or adoption. I guess Ella is no exception...although I am not so sure why she is saying this almost 2 years after the fact!


On another note...Chelsea came home last week-end for the Summer and we are soooo happy to have her home with us!!! We love you, Sissy!!!

Thanks so much to Diana for our new blog look!! Love it!!! You can visit her site here if you need a new look and tell her I sent you. : )



Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the new look..
I am having mine done as I type...
Sisters are amazing..
Have a great week..

Ohilda said...

Love the blog look, love the pictures and as to Ella's comment. Ahem. I know of one little Chinese boy who suggested we send a little Chinese girl back to China also. :)

And, like yours, they are inseparable. Go figure.

Jeff and Amy said...

Very cute:) I have two sisters and even though we didn't get along ALL the time growing up can't imagine life without them now:) I also have a confession, looking at your blog at work and just left your background music on for a while, really bringS a peace, thank you:)

Robin said...

LOL. It's okay, I'm nearly 40 and there are still occasional days when I'd love to send my sister back. (Kidding, most of the time.)

Great pictures of your girls, and I love the new look, and especially that portrait on the beach. Very summery. I may have to try one with all white clothes.

mommy24treasures said...

pretty pretty pics...
Ella is such a beautiful child.

JShannon said...

I love the new look! Oh how I wish we could go get a sister for Malia! I'm still praying, I'm not giving up.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Sweet make me smile! So glad Sissy is home for the summer!! Love the new blog look, too!

Hope you are having a good day.

a Tonggu Momma said...

About the sisters comment - oh, no! LOL. You know, the Tongginator longs for a sister... absolutely longs for one. But - and this is a huge but - I don't think she quite knows what she's in for. It should be interesting days when we finally adopt again.

redmaryjanes said...

Your blog is darling! I tell you, my boys would still like to send each other back. Zach has been saying for 13 years that he wants to be an only child...he's a long way from that :)

GGAdventures said...

Too funny! Ella is just stunning!
It will be great to have Chelsea back. Enjoy!
Lovin' the new look, too.

Michelle said...

Welcome back, Chelsea!!

Gotta love kids and their honesty. Leila has said more than once that she would like to be an only child again. She loves Mia dearly, but on occasion, would love to have Mommy & Daddy all to herself. :)

I hope you are having a great week, Michelle!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Beautiful girls!

Sarah Dawn said...

I found a river of refreshment today. I'll be back to soak in His presence again. Thank you for sharing your family with us especially as we begin our adoption process.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Jewels of My Heart said...

Pure Sweetness......

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Silly Ella! Welcome home Chelsea!
Beautiful pics as always!

Love your new "springy" look!!!


hollym. said...

Ella was just asking, Momma!:) HeeHee! I love sisters!

Keisha said...

Love your new look!! So pretty!
And.. I know to well about SISTERS!! my two are a hoot too! ;)
Have a great weekend!!

Natalie said...

Michelle, your girls are beautiful. Where are they from?
I have a Yangxi girl and a Gaoming girl.

My oldest always asks if we can send her sister back!

By the way, I think your blog is very pretty!


jwhitacre said...

Very cute story!! And love the new look! :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

THe girls are so pretty....and so is your new the new look:)

Looking forward to this weekend!


Felicia said...

What cute pics...I had to lol at the conversation. So honest, real and cute.

Love your new look too!

Carmen said...

When my son is away my daughter happily proclaims there is 3 in our family now.

Sherri said...

Haha! Ella should realize that just maybe Chelsea had the same request!

Even my mother told the story of telling her mother that her baby brother was sure cute, but they didn't need him.

sara said...

I love the "what" look!!!

Also, your new blog look is great!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Michelle!

Chelsea, Ella, & Sophia are all so blessed to have each other for SISTERS, and a special blessing to have Ryan for their BROTHER, too! I always loved growing up with a younger sister and two younger brothers! You have given your children one of the greatest gifts, the gift of each other! God bless you! Love, Maria XOXO

The Byrd's Nest said...

I DO love your new cute!

Lottie says this about Emma Jane sometimes too....not alot but nonetheless it happens.

Happy Mother's Day precious friend! Big Hugs!

Tiffany said...

Love the new blog look!
Lily has mentioned several times that we should take Ty back to China....she thinks his friends miss him and she'll be ok without him.. her words.

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!!!

AZMom said...

ROFLOL!! I love it...LOL What a cutie you have!

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