Friday, June 26, 2009


The girls and I went to see a local production of Cinderella, yesterday. It was really very cute! The stage was not in a full size was a small stage surrounded by only4 rows of seating and they allow the children to sit along on the floor right on top of the stage!! The characters actually interact with the kids during the show! We really enjoyed it! They added some points of humor in it....probably for the adults sake. For instance, the wicked stepmother was a male....who did not try to hide that fact! Some of the things that were meant as humor were a bit frightening to Ella and she came and crawled in my lap during the show instead of sitting on stage. She still struggles with loud noises...they are indeed a trigger for her PTSD. Not sure how we will handle that when we go to Disney in a few months. Earplugs?


After the show was over, the characters all lined up and gave their autographs and posed for pics, if wanted, with the kids. So cute! The gal that played Cinderella was the sweetest thing and the Prince was truly charming. They fit the roles as perfectly as could be!





The girls wore their Cinderella shirts that I have set aside for Disney. Ella does not like to pose for all! I had to crop her out of this one, which I thought was a cute one of Sophie. I have to catch Ella off guard and naturally to capture good shots of her.

Here are our friends that we shared the day with.
From our castle to yours....have a wonderful week-end!!!!!


Monday, June 15, 2009


How is that for a whole lot of cuteness?? You can all guess what just went on around here this past week-end...yup, dance recital time. Can you find my 2 little Princesses? We were soooo proud of our little girls. They did a great job and what an accomplishment to get up in front of 500 people on a big stage and perform when you are so young. They were really adorable! Poor Ella was nervous...bless her heart!

As much as we love the recitals...Dance Moms always love when recital time is OVER. We sigh a big sigh of relief. Recitals are a lot of work for the Moms. Whew! Chelsea danced for 15 years and she danced in her last recital last year. I was really looking forward to a break in recitals...but I just could not NOT let the girls try dance...and I am so glad I did. But...glad it is over for this year. : )


The girls received lots of flowers after their big show! Their sitter brought them little pink ballerina turtles that were TOO cute. I just could not get a great pic of them.

Now, I want to say that if you are reading this post...thank-you for not giving up on me! It has been a crazy last few months and I can not manage to keep up with everything. Obviously the computer has to be the last thing on my list of things to do, so that is why I have not been able to blog or visit you guys...and I miss you all!!! I will be by to visit soon! Thanks for checking in on me to make sure everything is alright...and it is. Still hoping to win that lottery so that I can be a stay home Mom. lol!

Ella had her last day of pre-school 2 weeks ago. We will miss her teachers....they were the best! They had an ice-cream party to celebrate the end of school.


My Chels finally got a job! I am more excited than she is about that, but hey...someone has to be! Go, Chels!

Chels and Ryan are both on vacation with their friends this week...not together, though. So, it is just the little gals and us this week...kind of quiet around here. Ella is in camp this week(just day camp) at our Community Center. The girls are starting swimming lessons this week-end...just once a week for the summer. Ella has informed me that she will not be participating, because she does not want water in her face...this may be interesting.
So, I hope to start blogging again more regularly. Some things are coming to an end schedule wise and although I have lots going on for the rest of this month...I hope I find some more computer time.
I would like to share more with you about Sophie and dance, so hopefully that will be my next post.
Have a great week and thanks again for not giving up on us over here. : )

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