Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Please Join In

Do you know how sometimes you stumble upon a blog and then realize the blessing you have received from getting to "meet" someone very special? That special lady is pictured above...a loving wife and mom to 10! Cindy is battling cancer right now and needs us to come together, at the foot of the cross, on our knees...TOGETHER!!! Read the link below for details about how we are going to do this for her!!!

Last week, I came across Cindy's blog and her story touched my heart more than I can say. Cindy's friend(Linny) has written a post that I am going to share with you if you have not already read it.

When you link to Linny's will be able to figure out how you can go over to Cindy's blog and meet will meet a very special Child of God!!

Okay....crystal clear? If not....just click on the link below and please pray about being part of something very special!!



redmaryjanes said...

I am joining in. This woman is very inspirational. I am very moved by her faith and I cannot imagine being in her shoes.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! A community fast for such a special Mother! I am pregnant, as you know, so I will be fasting in spirit and will do an act of charity on Cindy's behalf on Monday! God bless you, Michelle, and your wonderful heart to help the needs of all of our brothers and sisters in Christ! Love, Maria XO

GGAdventures said...
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GGAdventures said...

thanks for the link! She is truly an inspirational lady!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the link. Going to read now!


Ohilda said...

Absolutely joining in! God is still in the business of miracles.

Love you,


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