Monday, August 31, 2009

College Days

It's that time of year again. Time for school to re-open and time for the fall schedule to start getting very busy. We took Chels back to college on Thursday night. It is always hard to send her off...we miss her so much. But, it was a good chance for me to see how much she has grown and matured this past year...and she really has. She has gained a lot more confidence and is much more sure of herself than she was a year ago at this time. She worked 2 jobs over the summer and is really growing into a beautiful and responsible young lady. Teens have lots of choices to make when they are going through their teen years and we are glad that Chels has made lots of good choices....we are very proud of her!


The sitter helped the girls make cards for Sissy's going away. I loved this one that Ella made, so I framed it for Chels! Notice the(hand drawn) picture of Ella and Sissy....Ella ALWAYS makes sure that she uses that black crayon for her and Sophie's hair and uses the brown crayon for the rest of our hair color. : )

Ella helped her Ba Ba put together the futon for the dorm room

This picture is so Ella. She is very inquisitive about everything!! A very smart little cookie!

These 3 gals have been best friends since they were in Pre-school!! I am so happy they still are close even though they do not go to college near one another!!

Over the week-end we met our friends for a play date at Build a Bear!

Ella loves her "Sara Panda" and has not put the bear down since we came home!! She does not like baby dolls...but loves her stuffed animals. I think I will go and get a few outfits for Sara Panda since she plays with it so much!


**Sophie's eye surgery was this morning and it went well!! She is resting side effects from the anesthesia or anything. Thanks to those who e-mailed me to check and see how she is doing.....I am behind in getting back to everyone.
p.s. I did not blog about her surgery ahead of time....I had meant to and just did not get the chance.

Be Blessed, my friends!!!



Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I know how you feel ... the kids leaving is real hard..but you have raised her BEAUTIFULLY...
Love the photos..
Build a Bear looks like sooo much fun..
I will have to go when Isabella gets here..
Glad to hear that Sophia's eye surgery went well.
Not sure what she was having done..
Hopefully this is the last..
Love ya..

mommy24treasures said...

oh I am so glad to hear such a good Chelsea update! How exciting to hear how her maturity and self assurance has increased so much over the past year. I am so sure much of it is due to that sweet maternal love she receives from you...
She is such a beautiful girl. How very industrious to have 2 summer jobs.

Ella is such a sweetheart. Her sweentness shines in the photos. What a bright light she is. Chloe and she would play so well together I could see them playing all day with their stash of animals;)
I am so glad to hear all is well with Ms Sophie. I know it must be so stressful on her to have to go in for procedures.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear the surgery went well! Doesn't life just slip by so fast! preschool to college in what seems like months!

Robin said...

I'm so glad that all three of your girls are doing so well. What great news that Sophie's surgery went smoothly.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Good Luck to Chelsi on another year at school. Time does go by way to fast, doesn't it? I know it was so hard to let her go again. You are in my prayers!

Love the Panda, too! It's just like the one David made for LM when he was home for Christmas! She carries it everywhere and pushes the little button to hear his voice all the time.

Glad Sophie's surgery went well. Give her big hugs from LM and me!

Love you,

Ohilda said...

Praising God that Sophie's surgery went well! How sweet of Ella to make her big sister a card, and so sweet of you to frame it for Chels. I think it's awesome having big sisters or brothers. The little ones here look up to theirs also.


Kristin said...

What a sweet card that Ella made for Chelsea. And I love the idea of framing it! I'll need to keep that in mind.

So glad to hear Sophie's surgery went well. :-)

Once again, beautiful pictures of your girls!!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

That first photo brought me to touching! Chelsea looks great and how wonderful that the three of them are still friends for so long! That little Ella is quite the artist! We have her drawing hanging on our fridge. So glad that Sophie's surgery went well!!! Why did I think tomorrow was the 31st?? Always praying for your Sophie!

Love ya!

The Byrd's Nest said...

How in the world did I miss this? I my goodness I am so so so so sorry Michelle. I can't believe I didn't write it down on my calendar...I am so out of my element here. Please give my Sopie a big hug from her Aunt Kim and Lottie and Emma Jane.

That is great about Chelsea....they do grow so much that first year don't they? She is beautiful and the spitting image of you my sweet friend.

As for build a bear....oh my....Lottie could live in there! It is like a fantasy world for her because as you know she doesn't like dolls either!

Tiffany said...

Chelsea is such a beautiful girl!!!
Love the photos from Build A Bear... I can imagine that was so much fun!

SO glad to hear that the eye surgery went well!!!!!!!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Glad to hear Sophie's surgery went well....I had no idea she was going in!

I am sure it is bittersweet sending Chels back to school. I love the card that Ella made....that is so sweet!!

Hope you are all doing well:)


Michelle said...

Hi Michelle,

So glad to hear that Sophie's is doing well after ungoing surgery! Praise the Lord!! It sounds and looks like you have so much to be proud of, Michelle. Chelsea is growing up with a wonderful role model in you, and now she will make a great role model for her younger sisters. She is such a beautiful girl. And love those pics at Build-A-Bear. Looks like a fun little play date.

hollym. said...

Happy to hear that Sophie is doing well with her surgery!

I'm telling ya, the pic of Ella and Sissy made my tear up...:( It's just so sad when big sissy's and brudders leave home.
Praying you all adjust quickly!
Take care.

Keisha said...

Praying that Sophie's feeling better!

This post made me CRY! I do not look forward to the day McKenna goes off... **sigh**

Hope Chelsea has a Great Year!

GGAdventures said...

Hopefully Sophia is doing well! I didn't know she was having surgery.

The first pic brings tears to my eyes. You have raised amazing children!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

And here I am whining about kindergarten... *blush* College seems so far off, but I know it felt that way to you 15 years ago, too. Glad the surgery went well and extra hugs sent along since you're missing Chelsea so much.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Sissy's card is just so precious!

Deborah Ann said...

Love your heart for the Lord! What a sweet card.


Join me for some fun and Jesus!

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Oh girl it must have been hard having her leave. Your first photo says it all!

Yay for Sophia's eye surgery going so well!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Big hug to you....
Your girls are so beautiful and too sweet. I can't imagine how hard it is each time Chelsea leaves home.
What a sweet post. I love the special card.
I didn't realize it was time for Sophie's surgery but I am so thankful she is ok.
I will be praying all is well with your precious family.

Colleen said...

Michelle, that first picture brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful! I know you are so proud of Chelsea and many blessings to her for a fantastic year!
I have been over here several times and it seems each time I come over something comes up and I am not able to get around to commenting! I'm so thankful Sophie's surgery went so well. You have been through alot these past weeks. Big hugs to you!!!
Oh! And I LOVED your committed post! I have been back to read it several times. I can't remember if I ever got around to commenting (it has been hectic here)Every adoptive parent to be needs to read this post! Thank you for sharing it!
Enjoy your week-end and many blessings to your family!!!

Anonymous said...


Wow- did I tell you that after Sam's surgery we took him to Build a Bear and he picked out the same Panda that Ella did? He calls him "Pandee" and bought him a soccer outfit instead of a dress. He loves Pandee, but Husky that Ella gave him is for sure his favorite.
Have a great weekend!

Sarah Dawn said...


Always joy to visit! I remember with fondness my college years, what a blessing to deliver your daughter and know she is making the best choices.

And play date at build-a-bear, too much fun! Can I come next time?

Blessings from the rain,
Sarah Dawn

Jennifer said...

I love the first picture in this sweet. I love the card Ella made for sweet.

I am so glad to hear that Sophie's surgery went well.


AZMom said...

Glad her surgery went well!! I hope her recovery goes well too!

I know it is so hard to send Chels to college but she is such an awesome big sister and it seems like she stays close to her little sisters regardless.

My daughter is also more into animals than dolls. I love Build A Bear!

mom2eliza said...

Oh Michelle, tearing up at your beautiful daughter heading off to college. Not there yet in this house, but sure brings back lots of memories of my childhood as the 9th of 10 siblings and the many tearful goodbyes as my older brothers and sisters left for college. I equally remember, the excitement in the house when they would come home for the first holiday (Thanksgiving back in those days) and mom cooking and baking all their favorite things; me running home from school to see if they were home yet and standing at the window waiting for the first time of them. Oh my. Sending you mom hugs. Loved the card too; and the fun friend outing. Those girls are all so cute!! What was Sophie's eye surgery? Eliza has a vision impairment too. Weird...

delucchi family said...

Hi Michelle, I have done a catch up read on your blog and I have missed so much! So glad Sophia is the photos. The posting about committment was heart touching stuff and such an insight into adoption and more. It is lovely to catch up with you adn yours. Will pray for Chels off at College. Lots of Love

jwhitacre said...

OH hard it must be to send your daughter off to college...but how comforting knowing she makes very wise decisions! The girls look adorable (as always!)...and glad to hear the surgery went well!

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