Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Answered Prayers!

God is so very faithful!
Your prayers were heard today.
The answer arrived through a nurse named Drew.
When we are so sick, and in pain, and at the end of our rope...
what a blessing it is for someone to bring comfort to us.
Drew was able to help Michelle manage her pain today.
But... Drew's shift is ending soon.
Please continue to pray that every nurse that follows
will bring Michelle comfort so that she is well enough
to walk and take the necessary steps to come home.
Thank you!
God bless loving nurses!!!
And in all things whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.
Matthew 21:22


Posted by Robin:

I received a text message from Michelle.
She is in extreme pain.
The narcotics are not working.
She will not be going home before Friday.
She could really use our prayers today.
Thank you!!!

Psalm 4:1
Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God.
Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Michelle is out of surgery!

Posted by Robin:

Dave called around 9:30pm to let me know that Michelle is out of surgery and in her room. The surgery went well! The doctor and his robot :) ... were able to correct the problem. Praise God! She is in a lot of pain and they are trying to find something that they can give her to help. The girls are doing okay. If all goes well she should be home on Wednesday!

Thank you for keeping Michelle in your prayers!

Godspeed my sweet friend~


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prayer Request


Tomorrow is the day I will be going in for surgery and I would soooo appreciate it if you would cover me in prayer. Nothing brings more comfort than knowing others are praying for you during a time you can not do so for yourself. For those who may have missed my earlier post...I have a condition called hydronephrosis that needs to be surgically corrected. Below are some specific prayer requests.....

**For the surgery to go smoothly with no complication

**For the recovery to be not as painful as I heard it normally is.

**For my kids, especially Ella. She has never spent a night away from me and still carries a constant fear of losing me when I am out of her eyesight. Please pray for peace for her little heart and for comfort that can only come from Him.

**For things to run smoothly at home in my absence. : )

**last, but not least...please say a prayer for my robot. lol! The DaVinci robot will be doing the surgery with my surgeon at a control booth nearby. How is that for technology? Not so sure about this whole robot thing, BUT it will mean 5 small incisions as opposed to one VERY large that is good!

My surgery is right after lunch tomorrow and will be 3 to 4 after dinnertime, someone will let Robin know how everything went and she is going to update my blog for me. I will be in the hospital till Wednesday if all is going well.

Thanks soooo much to all of you for your prayers....they are a wonderful Blessing to me!!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

To The Castle We Go

On the way to the Castle to dine with Cinderella.....

One Princess and 2 Princesses in Training






A special treat to be able to see Mulan. She spent extra time with our girls...really interacted with both of them. We were thrilled, but I bet the people behind us in line were not too
thrilled about that. : )

Sooo beautiful!

After our Princess dining, we were off to visit Mickey and Minnie in our Minnie skirt sets. Thank-you, Robin!! How cute are they??

We visited Minnie's was too cute!


After visiting their houses, we got to visit with them!



The time here has flown by. I have taken hundreds of pictures and have such a hard time picking which ones to post. I will post more in the next few weeks. We also used Disney Photo Pass and I will buy the CD giving us even more pictures. We were able to visit with just about all of the characters and Princesses and have loads of pictures of the girls with them. We leave tomorrow(Friday). We are going to miss being here...we had such fun! I don't think there is much in any of the parks we missed!

I will leave you with my "keeping it real" pictures below. One of my very observant friends wrote to me that she has noticed Sophie had "the look" in her eyes that she has not seen in a while. She was absolutely right. Out of the hundreds of pics I took, I was able to get some minus the "look". But as we anticipated, the experience was too much for her and she was in meltdown mode much of the time, hence the pic below where she just dropped in the middle of a huge crowd of people...mad about who knows what.



Ella - "breakfast with Cinderella and the Lion King show"

Sophie - "waiting for the school bus" (shuttle bus)


Ella - "spaceship ride"

Sophie - "taking a nap"

Mom - "Soarin"...I LOVE that ride!! : )

Be blessed, my friends!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Princesses and More

These are from our dinner last night with the Princesses. They came around to each table for autographs and sweet!! Another shout out to our dear friend Robin, who made the purple princess dresses for the girls. Oh, they looked so cute in the dresses!

Ella very proudly told Snow White that she has a Snow White book and costume at home!
I took this photo above, but the restaurant also takes the same picture and develops it for you in an 8 x 10 for you to take home with extra charge!

Ella was waiting on the edge of her seat for The Little Mermaid to come visit our table!

Too funny...Ella says to Sleeping Beauty, "do you want to know what my favorite thing to do is?" Princess Aurora asks what that is and Ella answers, "to sleep!" Get it....Sleeping Beauty...sleep. But she was being very serious, not trying to joke around. lol! We turned our heads and cracked up with that one.

This morning we had a yummy breakfast with PlayHouse Disney peeps.

Jo Jo

The Little Einsteins...there were a lot more there, but this is all I can upload for now.

Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade in Animal Kingdom


Each day I ask the girls to choose their favorite thing for the day....


Ella - "riding the Carousel"

Sophie - "eating the pretzels on the plane ride"


Ella - "having dinner with the Princesses"

Sophie - "having my picture taken with Cinderella" (big improvement from the previous day's answer, don't ya think? : )


Ella- "Breakfast with Playhouse Disney and Lion King Show"

Sophie - "getting wet on the pool thing." translation....Roaring Rapids

Tomorrow morning we(excluding me!) will get dressed like Princesses and have breakfast with Cinderella at her castle....Ella is so excited!


Monday, September 21, 2009


and they are off! lol! Our babysitter gave the girls each their own backpack filled with goodies for the airplane ride. They were a big help!!


Who are those cuties on the luggage cart?

Waiting for the plane....

Her eyes always tell a story...we are just not sure what that story is all about.

We are here....yay! This is not the best picture of the girls, but it shows their adorable Minnie outfits made by Robin. Robin...they looked so cute in these outfits and so many people asked us where we got them from!

BIG progress on Ella's part. She has never wanted anything to do with anything in costume. She is still a little unsure, but is trying so hard to be brave! She would never have posed with a character before this. Sooo cute!!


I had to throw this picture in for the fun of it. Did they plan these silly faces? lol!

We are having a wonderful time!!!! Kind of bouncing around the parks and coming back in between for a pool break/rest. Tonight we had dinner with Princesses and the girls loved it!!! Tomorrow we will dine with Disney Playhouse gang and then Wednesday we will have our much awaited breakfast at the Castle with Cinderella! I have picutures of our Princess dinner from tonight...but they are not uploaded yet.


Hope you are all well! Be blessed, my friends!! I will post more pics in the next few days.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Fall Line-Up

Just a quick update to let you all know that we are all doing well. Ella started Pre-K a week ago and loves it!

The girls started Dance class and are having fun with that. Their class is huge, though! Last year there were 8 girls in their class....this year 17!!

Chinese School has started up again. I miss the teacher the girls(we!) had last year, but hopefully this will be a good year, too!

Sophie was supposed to have started school this past week. She qualifies to go through the county and we are waiting on them for the paperwork end. She will be going 4 days a week from 9 to 2 and the bus will bring her back and forth. I think this program will be SO good for her and I am very excited for her to start!! But again....we are waiting on the County!

We leave this Sunday for Disney and are so excited to be getting away...especially going away to "the happiest place on Earth!" I hope to bring my laptop and post pics while we are away. My much neglected blog needs some pics, I know.

Hope you are all well!

Be Blessed, my friends!!!

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