Monday, March 30, 2009

Red Envelope Day


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Sissy!

We were so happy to spend the week-end with Chelsea (at her college) in celebration of her birthday! This is the first time I saw her dorm for this semester. It is actually a pretty good size. She has the same roommate(Kim) that she had for the Summer semester. Kim also has 2 little sisters that were adopted from China. What are the chances of that? Chelsea and Kim also have birthdays just a day or two apart! I put some dorm pictures below and you can see the girls decorated the room for their birthdays!


We took Chelsea and her boyfriend out to Appleb*s. I like how the 2 little heads (and Pup!) are peeking right above the table all the way at the end. : )


Give Ella some junk food and she will give you the best smiles. hee hee!

She is always goofing around and sticking something in front of her face when I have the camera out. Here she thought it would be a good idea to hang a spoon in front of her face when I was trying to get a picture.

I love this picture. Sophie takes her food and eating VERY seriously. We were serving cake here and I guess we were not going fast enough for her. lol!

Dorm pics.....(Chelsea's side to sleep)

See all the streamers....

Chelsea's side to study....we must have been boring Ryan as it looks like he is dosing off!

3 Princesses!

A rare guest appearance(photo) of my boy. Ryan does not go many places with us these days and he surely does not like me taking his picture. He let me snap one here, though.




I am sooooo happy that Spring has sprung!!!!!! God's reminder of all things new!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mom's Intuition


We do not do anything in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.....other than wearing some green. I wanted to share a little story about what this day means to me. My grandmother, when she was living, would always have the family to her house the week-end before St. Patrick's Day and she would serve us the traditional corned beef and cabbage. We did look forward to that day and miss it now that she is no longer with us.

St. Patrick's Day 19 years ago....we had our traditional corned beef/cabbage and at the end of the day, Dave and I went home. I was 7 months pregnant with Chelsea at the time. After we were home a bit, I started getting some very severe pain that was pretty much non ceasing. I had never been in labor before, but was pretty certain it was not labor pains because the pain was too high up. We thought for sure it must have been some kind of horrible indigestion from the corned beef!! I could not even sit the pain was so bad, so I just paced and did not know what to do. After a few hours of this, I called my OB. I was young at the time(23) and reluctant to call the doctor at such a late hour...almost midnight. She told me that if it did not go away, I was to get myself to the ER. I waited another hour or so and then called her back telling her I could no longer bear the pain...she met us at the ER.

Let me back track to clarify the title of this post. I knew something was not right while I was carrying Chelsea. I voiced my concerns and they were dismissed. I had an OB appointment just days before this episode and the doc(not mine) that saw me scheduled an Ultrasound for a week later. Why? Because I insisted to her that my stomach did not seem to be growing at all. She measure it and agreed. I felt uneasy that she did not send me immediately for that US. Why wait a week? But again...I was young and weren't doctors always right?? That was my first lesson in Mommy's intuition A gift given to us by God...for very good reason! Animals and Humans both posess this amazing gift. Also, my first lesson in the fact that Doctor's are human, too...therefore make mistakes.

So, needless to say...we never made it through that week for the ultrasound. My Chelsea was born 7 weeks early and I was told that because of what I had, referred to as HELP Syndrome... was causing her to get no nutrients whatsoever for weeks prior to that...hence no growth. The end result without delivery would be death to mother and child. Delivery was the only cure. My liver was starting to fail and she was is distress. I was transferred to a hospital with a well know NICU. They induced the labor and my first daughter was born. I am so thankful to God that He helped Chels overcome all of the things that could have hindered a child born before she was supposed to be. We love you Chels!

Thanks for letting me share my St. Patrick's Day story with you. Chels will be 19 this Friday and we are going down to see her and celebrate.

Spring is coming!! : )



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Catching Up

Where oh, where is she??

My Mommy used to always have the camera out and always blogging. What happened??

No worries. I am here and we are all fine! Thanks for checking in on us!! The truth is...I just haven't been able to find the time to do everything I would LIKE to do, so must focus on the most important things. Let me try to give a recap of what we have been up to.

(my girls in matching gold dresses)
The girls take Chinese class each Saturday morning and in the beginning of February, the school had a performance. Each class contributed to the show. The youngest class(our girls) sang 2 songs they had been working on. I have it on video and if I can figure out how to get the video up, I will....soon. It was really cute and we were very proud of them!

Chelsea was home last week for what seems like an early Spring break. We were happy to have her back home, especially Ella! She misses her Sissy soooo much!!


The girls have been in dance class since September...tap and ballet. The big recital is coming up in June..can't wait! They love dance. Sophie was not really ready for a dance class in September, but I decided to put her in with Ella anyway with the belief that it is what it is. I knew it might help her in some areas. Well, for the first 4 was not so good. She could not even stand in first position without falling over. She spent more time on the floor than true Sophie fashion.

(my girls in matching pink leotard/skirts)

December is when it is time to buy recital costumes, so I checked with her teacher BEFORE I bought her costumes. The teacher told me that it was okay, because at least Sophie was staying on her X...not running all over the place. She told me that she would most likely not be "getting" the dance. I said that was fine.


Well, fast forward a few months and guess who completely mastered the dance? She has a very different style of learning. I would hear her reciting the dance steps verbally over and over and OVER and then one day...she got it! The teacher and myself never would have guessed it would happen, but it did! Go Sophie!

We have turned the TV off and are learning to read. The girls have learned over 100 site words in just a few weeks...that include rhinoceros, tongue, and chimpanzee! How this came about....Ella started several months back with a real interest to start reading, so I began working with her and she started picking it up quite easily. I felt bad for Sophie, because both of the girls will be starting Kindergarten together in another year and a half. What an advantage Ella will have, but what about Sophie? Remember I said her style of learning is quite unique? A post in itself. I learned of this reading program and when I read the philosophy of the man who designed it...I knew it would be a good idea and Sophie would have a better chance at picking it up. I have learned so much about the brain in the first five years of life with all of my trauma research, that I knew this man's philosophy was right on!! So, we are doing it together and at first, just like seemed Sophie would not be able to master it, but she has found her own way and is mastering those after another!

We colored our tongues purple on Thursday for Abby. If you do not know Abby...please visit their site and be in prayer for this sweet girl! Abby

I am not done blogging...just slowing down a bit. I miss you guys too much when I am away! If any of you are on Facebook that I have not found...please let me know. A great way to keep in touch!

Spring is coming!!!!!!!!

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