Friday, February 12, 2010

We Are Still Here!


Gosh, it has been so long since I have posted that I almost forget how. lol! Sorry to have semi-disappeared from the cyber world. We are all fine...just a personal decision that the computer was taking too much time away from other things that are much more important. I did not spend a lot of time on the computer to begin with, but the fact is... I just do not have a lot of extra time to start with, so I have to be very careful with where that time goes. The computer has a way of kind of sucking you in, so to speak. I still check my messages each day and try to go through my google reader to look for any prayer requests and check my FB briefly. I am in the middle of 5 days off in a row(from work) and hope to be able to check in on all of your blogs....I miss you all!!!

Some bullets from the past 2 months.....

***We had a wonderful Christmas!!!


***My girls each get 3 gifts for represent the 3 Wise Men. So, I am very careful in planning what those gifts will be. I came across an article talking about MagnaTiles. They were a bit expensive, so I wasn't sure. But then I kept reading the reviews and how the parents raved about the amount of time their kids(big and little!) played with these things. Well....can I tell you they are the BEST!!! My girls play with them every single day.....several times a day. The other toys sit in the corner and these get played with constantly. They ROCK!

***This Princess turned 5 in January!!!

We celebrated our Gotcha Day #4 with this Princess! And Mommy found this shirt for me in WM that had my name written all over it.

***My boy broke some bones in his hand and had to have surgery. They put in a metal plate and some screws. The cast comes off in a few days and then he has to begin PT. Ella loves her older brother sooo much. As soon as she saw the cast, she ran up and made one for herself to wear. This is not the greatest picture, but it gets the idea across. : )

The girls having fun with the davinci horse.

And this is what they are calling the Snow Storm of 2010. We got hit close to 2 feet of snow. Okay....we had our snow fun, hope that is it for this year!

**This last picture is dedicated to my PopPop. Here he is pictured with my NaNa and his Great Grandchildren. We had to say good-bye to him this past week as he went Home to be with his Heavenly Father. He was a very special person and will be missed greatly. RIP PopPop....we love you and know you will be waiting for us when we enter Eternal Life! And no doubt, you will have your pockets stuffed with treats for the kids and dogs. : )

Be Blessed, my friends....BE BLESSED!!!!



Sharon said...

WOW! Is that the longest you have ever been away!?!? I love all the pictures, great recap. Bailey needs that I love Choc shirt. haha It must be a woman thing! I am so so sorry about Ryan! Wasn't it his hand he hurt the last time too, when he wouldn't tell you about the severity of it? Hope he heals all the way. Barrington's collar bone probably will never look the same. URG. boys! Glad you all had such a nice Christmas. What a neat tradition about three gift.s i should think about doing that! I hope you will take Valentine pics!! And Happy 5th to your sweet, precious baby!!

Lori Lynn said...

I am so sorry that you will all have to miss your PopPop. That last pic. is awesome.

We are going through a similar funk with our blog. I just have too much going on and I haven't even been taking pictures.

Your girls' Christmas dresses are adorable. I love the magnatiles. I am going to go research them now. I just love giving my girls "building" toys. Maybe that's because I am an engineer.

Thanks for sharing. We'll be around whenever you get back into the blogging routine.

mommy24treasures said...

oh Michelle I am glad to hear from you:)I too, am not blogging near as much so I understand. I keep taking every other week completely off lately. Thank you so much for the info on the tiles gift. I will look into those! Being home all the time we need things like that!
It is snowing here today and since we NEVER get snow, no one is interested in school today;) They are out on the deck playing.
I pray Ryan's hand heals perfectly.
Happy Bday to sweet Sophie:):) She is a little miracle.
Healing everyday.
Love and hugs!!!!

Carmen said...


Glad to hear nothing is wrong and you are just taking time for your family.

Good to see all the pics, love the haircuts on the girls and I pray that Sophie's smiles and warmth is real and that Ryan's hands heal quickly.

Be blessed back at you

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh Michelle! I am so sorry about your PopPop. I know how difficult it is to say goodbye to a beloved grandparent.

Love the chocolate shirt! I need to find one of those for LM! So fitting for our China girls!

Happy Birthday to sweet Sophie. Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

And I will say a prayer for Ryan's hand! Hope it heals soon!

I've missed you, my friend. Take care and have a blessed weekend with your sweet family!

Love you,

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Michelle~

I've been missing you and applaud you for stepping away from the computer.

Loved reading some highlights about your family. I'm sorry about your grandfather and the loss you've experienced. It sounds like you have some great memories of him which will be a gift from God on the days when you miss him most.

Glad you've survived the snow!

Keep in touch!


Suzy said...

It's so lovely to hear from you again! I'm sure your Poppop is having the very best time where he is, but it's bittersweet for you. The princesses look beautiful, the boy is handsome, and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you soon.

Kim said...

I was wondering if it was something that I said (wink)to make you stop stopped just as I started reading it! I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather - that is surely a difficult loss, but it's good to hear that everyone is doing well. Nothing but rain here in FL. Thankfully no snow (yet!). Take care and hope to hear from you. Would love to catch up.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Goodbye's are so sorry about PopPop.

You know I stared at the picture of you with the kids for the longest time and just loved looking at our Sopie resting her head on your chest. How prayer for her each day is that she relaxes and realized how much all of you love her and that she is capable of having the same love for all of you.

Happy Birthday little Miss Sophie! Happy Gotcha day precious Ella! Praying Ryan's hand heals very quickly! Love you.

Michelle said...

It is so good to hear from you, Michelle. Thanks for catching us up with what you've been up to. I enjoyed all of the pictures!

I am so sorry to hear about Ryan, and also about your PopPop. He sounds like a special man.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I have missed you my friend.. love all the great photos.. I will have to say I totally know what you mean by being busy..
You didn't let us know how you have been since your surgery...
have a great week..
Big hugs for you and your family ...
Take care..
love ya..

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

I am very sorry about PopPop!

ji said...

SO happy to hear all is well!!! I completely understand about the computer sucking you in!!! Good for you for! LOVE all the pics...of course your girls are as cute as ever!!!


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Sweet photos Michelle! I've missed seeing pics of your beautiful children. I hope that Ryan's hand is better and that your Nana is doing okay...and you too.

That is a lot of snow!!! WOW! We haven't seen that much in many years!

Have a great 5 days off!!!

Love you!

Natalie said...

Hi Michelle. Sophie is getting so big and of course she is so beautiful. Hope she had a wonderful birthday. So sorry to hear about your Pop-Pop and Ryan. I pray that he heals quickly. What a neat idea of your yearly tradition about the three gifts and the three wise men. LOVE IT!
Now, I may have to try to find that gift. Is it a building puzzle??

Tiffany said...

SO great to see your post... I've missed you!
Sorry to hear about Ryan's hand... and especially your PopPop.

Love the Christmas photos, the I love chocolate shirt, and those building things look like something the littles would love.

Happy 5th Birthday and 4th Gotcha Day.....

Hope your time off work is great!

Colleen said...

Michelle!!!! So happy to get an update!! Have missed you but completely understand about needing some time away from the computer. I admire you for doing so.
Looks like a lovely Christmas and the magnatiles look really cool. I may have to look into those for Faith. She loves legos so those might be something she would really enjoy. The "3" gifts is a great idea.
Sorry to hear about your Poppop. Praying you all are finding peace.
Have a wonderful week and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

I just realized you posted a new blog entry. I am sorry about your loss of PopPop, but I am glad that he is no longer suffering and is with our Savior.

GGAdventures said...

Hi there! Good to see a new post. I've been out of the loop for a while myself. So good to see the new pics. Hope the girls enjoyed the snow. :) We have plenty here if you need more.
So sorry to hear about your grandpa. Bless his soul.
Happy Chinese New Year!!

Jo in Australia said...

Loved the photos, great to catch up with what's been happening over the past couple of months. You will miss your PopPop, it was a lovely photo of you all with him when Ella was little. Happy Birthday to Sophie! Now you have two five year olds. Emily is counting down the days until she is five and starts school. I hope Ryan's hand heals well. Look at all that snow! So different to Australia in summer. What a wonderful world we live in.

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