Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pre-school Graduations

Oh, my...where does time go? Both of my little ones graduated from Pre-K this week. They are in two different schools and I just loved both of the schools. Each was one just a perfect fit for each child. I watched Ella blossom this past year. She is a worrier and has a fair share of anxiety...especially in new situations. Well, her teachers and her class were just what she needed to help her overcome a lot of that. I have to say that I am also going to miss this class VERY much!! She is SO sad that school is ending. She talks about that every day. Today she made pics for each of her teachers that said "I am going to miss you, but I still love you". awwww!!


The graduating class of 2023!!

Special friends

Dancing and singing to a silly song....Father Abraham

My sweet little Hunan Princess.....I am so very proud of you!!!! Your strength and courage never cease to amaze me. You have been through a lot in your 5 years of life and even though you think that you are not very are the bravest little girl that I know. I love you to the moon and back!!!

And next.....Sophie and her class. She went to a full day program and it was wonderful for her! They have really prepared her for Kindergarten in ways that I did not think possible. It is a school, through our school district, for kids that need a "little extra help and guidance". When she entered in September, she did not like talking to people and preferred to play alone(since Ella was not with her). Well, we are ending the year, she is THE social butterfly of her class. They sang many songs at their graduation ceremony and she knew every word and every motion to them all. She hugged and smiled at all of her friends the entire time we were there.

Crossing the bridge into Kindergarten. Way to go Sophia!!!!!

The smile says it all. Many of you know just what I mean about that. For those of you that have not had the gift of adoption in your life-can I just say what a miracle it is? There are so many of God's precious children that need the love of a family that they can call their own. Each child is a precious creation of God and every single one of them deserves a family. When we met this little one almost 3 years ago, she was not in a very good way. She had spent the first 2 1/2 years of her life in an institution...where no child should have to live. Everything about her screamed autism at the very least. If you would have told me then that her face would shine like you see in the pictures here....I would not have thought it possible. Don't ever underestimate what the love of a family can do for a child. Thank-you, Jesus!! The gift of this experience is surely to us! Sophie....we are so very proud of how far you have come and we have NO doubts that the sky is the limit for you. Your determination will take you as far as you want to go, sweet girl.


Okay....since it has been forever since I have updated, I will do an update in pics for those that are interested. : )

My Princess #1 turned 20 in did THAT happen?! We went up to her college to celebrate with her. Isn't she beautiful? And she is the bestest big sister around!!!


My parents with the kids

Just for fun....... this is how the girls baracade the Crazy Daisy so she can not join in the fun. lol!

Being Patriotic

Chels and the girls decorated for my birthday a few weeks ago and made some fun goodies!


Easter pics



Fun with friends last week!!!!

See the cute little guy in the middle of all these beautiful girls? His name is Nicolas and he is such a miracle baby born to our dear friends Maria and Victor....being held by his big sis!

Ella and her friend went to see the Little Mermaid on stage. Afterwards, they were able to meet and greet the characters and get all of their "autographs". Fun!



Okay....hope I made up a little for my blog slacking. : )

Be Blessed, my blessed!!!!

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