Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lyla’s Story

We all have a story and so does our Lyla Lu! She was born in China with a very serious heart condition and no family to call her own(most likely due to her heart disease). Walker pic 1 
On the other side of the world lives a family who was sure that their family was complete. But God, in His infinite wisdom, knew differently.
You see, the mom has many friends who dedicate their lives to advocating for orphans. The mom has a heart for the orphans as well, so every precious face she would see of a child needing a family, would make her wonder if one more was possible. But there were many roadblocks that seemed too big for this to happen. Time, finances, work schedules, etc. So, the mom went about her daily busy-ness.

However, the mom would continue to see the orphan crisis and continue to wonder if, maybe....
Many people would ask the mom about adoption and when she shared their family story, they would respond with "well, that's nice that YOU did that, but WE could never". or "We would love to, BUT...
So, as the mom continued to scroll through her fb pages and to see all of the children needing families, she started to realize that the reasons she had for not bringing home one more, were excuses in God's eyes, not reasons. All of the reasons people shared with the mom as to why they couldn't adopt, were coming from her lips. Michelle!! He equips those He calls!!!


The mom and dad were getting ready to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and had been saving up for a long time for a trip to Hawaii to celebrate this special milestone. But all she could think of was the fact that this vacation fund money would be much better served in adoption fees that would bring the love of a family to one more.
And as God was working on the Mom’s heart, He was also working on the Dad’s heart. And when the Mom talked to him about adding “one more” and cancelling/postponing the Hawaii trip, the Dad said “absolutley”! And the roadblocks started to slowly come down. Go God!!
We were not placed on this earth to serve ourselves. He placed us here to serve Him. To make a difference. To BE His hands and feet. Are we living for eternity or for the here and now? Oh, how God uses adoption to change hearts! Mine, especially.
And then He introduced us to Lyla and let us both know that she was the one He had handpicked for our family.

                           Chang Lu Tian 

Her medical needs seem big and scary and for a brief time we wondered if we could.....but then we both realized, how could we NOT?! God equips those He calls!! Would we not go to the end of the earth to make sure any of our children got the medical attention they need? God wants us to run to the orphans just as we would run to the children already in our family.  His hands and feet.  

For you see, each and every one of us is His child.

But friends, He does not just call a handful of us to have a heart for the fatherless. Scripture tells us we are ALL called to care for the widows and orphans in distress. Not all of us are called to adopt, however, we can pray, we can sponsor, we can support those in the process of adoption or you may realize that there really is space at your dining room table for just "one more". You can make a difference and be part of the change. Please allow the orphan crisis to be a burden on your heart and allow that burden to be a part of the solution. Adoption Changes Lives!!!! Every Child Deserves to Know the Love of a Family.

Thank you, Father for allowing us to bring home another one of your precious children! Please hold her close until we can bring her home.
Deut. 31:8 Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you. Thank you, friends for being part of our journey!



Donna Geer said...

*Goosebumps*!! Praising and joining you in prayer.

Christine said...

I'll pray for little Lyla. She is adorable! <3
Our friends adopted a little girl from China, age 2, who also has heart problems...Kya.
This is her blog:

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